May Stock Item...

This month's stock item is a Catapilla™ finished in Bleached Coir with Coloured Twist Pile internals - it's made up of a Purple Body+ unit & Green, Orange & Pink Body units.


Please visit our Stock page for more information & pricing.


Just a very quick but big THANK YOU to everyone who's emailed notes of support or Tweeted sweet things about us following the news of our temporary workshop closure...


Temporary Workshop Closure...

We are very sorry to say that the Wallis Road building that has been our home since 2008 was sold recently & we have been told unexpectedly that we need to vacate by the end of the month.

We have a license to occupy our workshop until September but the building was sold by Groveworld/Cell Projects at auction in April with vacant possession & the new owners, Telford Homes, are not prepared to let existing tenants remain until their licenses expire.

After nearly 10 years of occupation this premarture departure means that we won't have a place to fabricate our products until we find a new home.


Current orders will be fulfilled & despatched but unfortunately delivery dates for customer enquiries or new orders will have to be put on hold for the time being until we've found a new workshop - we expect this will be weeks rather than months but makers' space in London is like gold dust.

The planned 80-84 Wallis Road development has been in the spotlight before as it forms part of the Olympic regeneration zone & planning policy managed by the London Legacy Developement Corporation has come under scrutiny because this particular site is being redeveloped in to residential displacing the existing artisan & small business community.

The LLDC have been made aware of our plight but as things stand we are homeless at the end of the month without any compensation or alternative space being offered, which is very disappointing for all of the people affected by this situation.

We'll obvioulsy keep everyone up to date with our progress & hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. 


Special Grey Coir...

Some of you will remember our special grey Concrete Coir finish that we imported a few years ago - this finish went down really well with our customers & we've been on the look out for a replacement ever since.


Our special grey Tibet Wolf Wool filled the gap for while but since stock was used up last year we've felt that something was missing from our range in terms of a grey colour so recently commissioned various grey coir samples from India that we've been testing.

Once we've settled on our favourite grey we intend to import this coir ourselves in a limited run as we can't source this type of carpet from the UK.

The special finish option will be similar in colour to the Concrete Coir but batch dyed as opposed to pigment painted so the previous issues with unfinished fibres showing though will be a thing of the past.  

Stock should be with us within a couple of months so if you're about to place an order & like the idea of the new Grey Coir you might want to hold off making a purchase for the time being.

We still have stock of the special Tibet Wild Cat Wool, which is a darker brown-grey version of the Tibet Wolf Wool & of course we are always happy to source other materials as a special order.


We've just received this photo from Ailsa in London & wanted to share it.

All five of the latest Pontsbright Burmese litter make it to the top of their Wool Bobcat.


Cat's Cradle Testing...

We started a design exercise a few years ago for a Cat's Cradle accessory to use with Polecat - the idea was to come up with a platform that could be retro-fitted to the unit to give some perching & sleeping options.

Prototype stainless steel frames were produced from our initial design & we thought it was about time that we completed the project.

Our cats have been testing the completed creations & they're smitten with the results - the thick hide seat, which is contoured to make for a very comfy bed plus the ability to position the cradle anywhere on the Polecat in seconds are the big selling points as far as our cats are concerned.


The materials used in these samples make this a very special & high end piece but we are looking into fabricating a small batch if there is enough interest from our existing Polecat customers.


Please get in touch if you like the look of our Cat's Cradle & if you think you might be interested in making a purchase.

God Save The Cat!...

We've just received a wonderful note from Donatella at the L’Associazione Telefono Difesa Animali to say thank you for the Tomcat 4 that we donated last month...the charity's Facebook page says it all.



Specials Galore...

We've had an unusually high amount of special orders over the last few weeks & wanted to show off one in particular that is currently making it's way to Crace in Australia. 

The order is made up of a 4 Body Catapilla™ that has special Green Twist Pile internals with a colour matched Dulux paint finish on the base & the side cheeks of a Scraaaatch™ Deck.


The combination of Bleached Coir, Sisal & the special green paint finish worked really well together & we obviously hope it goes down well with the customer & her cats.

Two Tomcat 4 Units Up For Grabs....

We have two Tomcat 4 units that have been sitting in the workshop for what seems to be forever, one of which is the unit that we used in our photo shoot for our home page website images.


They've been gathering dust for years & although they have faded they are basically in new condition so would be put to much better use if cats were climbing them.

The taller Tomcat 4 would fit a 2800mm high ceiling & the shorter Tomcat 4 for a 2700mm high ceiling - they have the old style coir internals as opposed to black twist pile & do need a good vacuum before use.

Both are up for grabs so please get in touch if you would like to be considered for either of these units - as always our aim would be to donate to a charity or rehoming centre but if there aren't any takers then we'll do a draw next month for those that have shown an interest.