Things have really moved on from when we started looking for an indoor climber for our cat in 2004...

Cat climbing indoors then was a bit of a no-no as far as most cat owners were concerned & we even remember reading an article from a well known pet food company on how to stop your cat from climbing - for us it was like owning a dog & being told you should never take them for a walk!

Thankfully, cat behaviourists have stepped in & there is now a much healthier view taken on cat climbing indoors with territorial needs being a factor along with the obvious benefits of fitness & play - Pam Johnson-Bennett was the first cat behaviourist that we came across who actively encouraged climbing as a natural & normal part of a cats daily life:


We would like to think that Hicat® has played it's part in changing things for the better in terms of indoor cat climbing opportunities & love the fact that our climbers have given lots of cats the leg up they deserve ∑:)