Before Ordering

We've put together the following Customer Notes to make ordering your Hicat® as easy & as helpful as possible - please read through this information as there are some useful tips to help you with the specification, ordering & installation of your Hicat® as well as some important notes, which forms our terms & conditions - if you can't find what you are looking for then please get in touch.

All of our products are made-to-order - the Product Overview & Product Pages on the website illustrate unit types, options, features & pricing or you can view or download a PDF of our Pricing in the PDF Downloads section & on the Product Pages.

Referring to the Buying Guide page before ordering is also strongly recommended.

Please remember that Hicat® units are made-to-measure &/or order so we cannot accept any customer returns due to incorrect measuring, specification or that are simply too big to get into your home.

Sample requests

We've done our best to illustrate carpet colours as close as possible but if you would like to see our finishes in the flesh please get in touch & we will be happy to send out swatches.

Hicat® Returning Customer Discount

We include a discount for Hicat® Returning Customers so please note this on the order form when making a purchase - if you work within an animal welfare association or charity we are also happy to give you a discount so please get in touch & we can advise.


Delivery is normally within 20 working days from receipt of payment - delivery to mainland UK is included in our standard pricing with additional supplements for non-mainland UK destinations.

Delivery supplement to Europe

If you would like to know your non-mainland UK delivery supplement before placing an order please use the Delivery Quote Request form & we will advise on a price - typically, delivery to most EU countries is between £60-£120 in addition to the UK pricing for an average height Tomcat or Fatcat unit.

Shipping to the United States

We have lots of enquiries from the USA asking for shipping quotes & we are happy to provide these but please brace yourself as the delivery supplement can be high if you don't live near a major city - on average the delivery supplement is between £80-£160 in addition to the UK pricing for an average height Tomcat or Fatcat unit.

Shipping to Asia, Australasia & other far away places

We can advise on shipping quotes but based on experience, the price for delivery can be very high when compared to the cost of the unit - this is obviously very disappointing for the customers & cats making these enquiries.

Import duties, charges & local taxes

If you are considering importing a unit there is a handy online Duty Calculator tool that you can use to get an estimate on the total cost of importing a Hicat® unit - When completing the Duty Calculator form we use “Cat Climber” as our Product Description & select Home & Garden - Other Home & Utility - Articles of Woven Textile as the product category noting that a figure of £20 should cover the insurance cost for most orders. 

For customs reference the HS commodity code is 9403890090, which relates to other manufactured furniture items & the US HTSUS import code is 6307.90.9889 & this relates to other made-up articles.

Viewing our products

We do have a few sample units on display at our workshop in Hackney Wick, East London so if you want to visit us to have a look at what we do & how we do it please get in touch to arrange a convenient time for a viewing using the Workshop Visit form in the Contact section - the workshop can be tricky to find so please make a note of our telephone number before you leave so we can guide you in if necessary.


If you are specifically looking for a cat scratcher then please visit our Scraaaatch™ website - this is our separate line of big, bold & colourful products that evolved from various Specials that we've made over the years.


We've also developed a modular version of the Hicat® Fatcat cat climber with a twist - Catapilla™ is made up of modular compartments that can be stacked up to four units high & rotated independently of each other in 360°.


Measuring Up

Remember that if you position your Hicat® near other tall furniture, cupboards, windows, etc. your cat will probably want to attempt a leap so please factor this in to your decision making when thinking about the best place to position your Hicat®.

Once you've settled on the position for your Hicat® take the measurement at that spot as ceiling heights aren't always consistent across a single room.

If you think you may want to change the position of your Hicat® over time then use the lowest ceiling height measurement in the room - our units have some adjustment so they can be raised so using the shortest height means that you will get the best fit.   

Measuring technique

Using a steel retractable type tape measure, place the body of the tape measure on the floor & extend the tape to the ceiling making sure that you keep a vertical line when taking the measurement & add the size of the tape measure body to the dimension taken (the body dimension to add will normally be noted on the side of the tape measure for reference) - do this a few times then take the average measurement.

Measuring on carpeted floors

To help get a more accurate measurement make sure that you press the body of the tape measure into the pile of the carpet as much as you can whilst taking the measurement - this will allow for the fact that the carpet will compress under the weight of the Hicat® when installed.

Built-up floors & extra thick underlay

Really thick underlay can compress down over time & floors built up with boards or old floor boards can also give under the weight of our units so if you feel movement in the floor when measuring it's best to have someone stand in the proposed position of the Hicat® when taking the measurement to get a more representative reading.

Production tolerances

Your supplied ceiling measurement needs to be accurate to within half a centimetre i.e. 5mm then we build in a height reduction to our floor-to-ceiling units, which allows for ceiling clearance & adjustment during installation.

Access arrangements

While you've got your tape measure to hand check your access making sure that you have enough height & turning space to manoeuvre your Hicat® into its proposed location in your home - please remember that Hicat® units are made-to-measure so we cannot accept any customer returns due to incorrect measuring or that are simply too big to get into your home.


Placing Your Order

The Order Forms at the bottom of each Product Page are used to submit your order & allows you to easily specify your Hicat® - finishes, shelf, features & accessories plus payment options can all be customised.

You can note any Non-Standard or Specials request in the Makers Notes section on the Order Form & we will confirm pricing as part of the order confirmation - some of the most common customer requests include Access Hole, Shelf & Peep Hole re-positioning adjustments & extra tall Bobcat units so feel free to ask.

Stock Items

We also sometimes have special items available to purchase so please check our Stock Items page.

Terms & conditions

Part of the ordering process also requires you to confirm acceptance of our terms & conditions, which basically means that you've read & understood this Customer Notes section of the website so again we would recommend that you read through all of the notes before ticking the box.

Incremental pricing

Because our floor-to-ceiling units are made-to-measure we apply an incremental price adjustment (up & down) to the unit prices shown based on ceiling height so please expect to see a variation in price when you order unless your ceiling height is within the 2400-2599mm ceiling dimension used as our guide unit price.

Order acknowledgement

Once you've submitted your order you'll receive an email copy of your order - if you don't receive an email straight away you may want to check your junk mail folder as it may have been treated as spam mail & quarantined by your email client.

Order confirmation

When we've checked your order we will send a confirmation email that includes a diagram of your unit & confirm your specification, any special request, Makers Notes & delivery supplement pricing where applicable together with your preferred payment request - this is normally within 1 working day of receiving your order.

Problems when ordering

From time-to-time we do get the odd report from a customer who can't place an order online because the Order Form doesn't appear to be working - this is normally down to internet browser compatibility so rather than bang your head against the wall trying to work out what's wrong it's easier just to get in touch & we will happily submit an order on your behalf.


Payment for UK orders can either be made by electronic transfer direct to our bank account or by credit/debit card using Worldpay's online card processing gateway.

We bank with HSBC & our account details are as follows:

Beneficiary Name: Hicat Ltd
Sort Code 40-03-33
Account Number 91816306

Non-UK customers

Because of international charges that are applied to bank transfers the best & most economical way of making a payment from outside of the UK is by debit/credit card & therefor, we only offer bank transfer as an option to non-UK customers as a last resort if credit card processing is an issue.

Credit/debit card payments

We send a PayByLink via email to process credit & debit card payments - transactions are made using Worldpay's 128 bit SSL gateway so this type of processing is the most secure way of making an online payment.

Amex & Diners cards

I'm afraid our merchant service does not support credit card payments using American Express or Diners Club cards so sorry in advance.

Refunds & returns

Please remember that Hicat® units are made-to-measure orders so we cannot accept any customer returns or refunds due to incorrect measuring, specification or that are simply too big to get into your home.


If you're outside mainland UK or have requested a special delivery service a supplement will be confirmed in to your order confirmation or a discount applied if you've arranged a collection from the workshop.

Delivery of your order is normally up to 20 working days from payment. of cleared funds - we will email you again on the day your order has been despatched & include some instructions on signing for your order as noted below.


All units are despatched sealed in plastic wrapping plus Tomcat & Fatcat units are mounted & strapped to transit cradles, Polecat has protective sleeves.

Mainland UK Deliveries

We use a courier for our standard deliveries & units are despatched on a 1-3 working day service - we will advise on the proposed despatch date when we receive payment & send a tracking number after the unit has been despatched.

Deliveries to Europe & beyond

These are fulfilled using courier or freight companies on a 2-6 working day service - depending on the carrier we will either forward a tracking number after your unit has been despatched or the freight company will make contact before attempting a delivery.

Taking delivery

It's important that someone is at home to receive your delivery otherwise our courier or freight company may apply a handling charge after a number of failed delivery attempts - in the event of a failed delivery a card will be left with a new delivery date or instructions on a how to arrange a redelivery.

Signing for your Hicat®

When your Hicat® arrives there are two options for signing for your delivery:

- firstly, if you are unable to unpack & check your delivery while the driver waits please sign the delivery note as "unchecked" stating the reason why i.e. the courier couldn't wait.

- secondly, if the courier will wait for you to unpack & inspect your unit & once you're satisfied that it's in perfect condition sign the delivery note - in the unlikely event that damage has occurred in transit the delivery note should be signed as "damaged" detailing the condition e.g. dent on left side of unit.

Assisted deliveries

Please note that unless you have arranged for an assisted delivery the driver may only handle your delivery to the main front door of your building - if you live in a residential block or have flights of stairs to climb with your delivery it's best to have some help on hand.


Hicat® units come complete with an Install pack containing instructions, fixings & tools so all you will need to install your floor-to-ceiling Hicat® is a stepladder, a drill that can hold a 10mm bit but having a small mirror to hand will also be useful if you've ordered a Tomcat or Fatcat.

Two pairs of hands are better than one

Manoeuvring larger Tomcat & Fatcat units into place can be tricky if you're on your own so we would recommend getting some help when installing these units.

Freestanding Bobcat

We recommend that some ballast is placed inside these units to prevent them toppling over during boisterous play - a couple of 5kg sandbags from the garden centre should do the job - if you've ordered a taller non-standard unit then we suggest increasing the weight to make sure there's no chance of the unit toppling.

Heavier Tomcat & Fatcat units

These units may need to be raised slightly from time-to-time after they've been installed if carpet compresses down &/or floorboards give so they come with adjustable feet that can be raised using the hex key enclosed in the installation pack.

Safety first

It's important that you read the instruction leaflet paying careful attention to the safety notes & make sure that your Hicat® is correctly located in the ceiling fixing & stable before you allow your cat/cats to play.


Before letting your cats loose ontheir Hicat® we recommend giving your unit a thorough vacuum inside & out - we do our best to clean the units before they leave us but there will be small residue coir fibres on the units, which will make a mess if not removed but more importantly could cause irritation to your cats.

Don't panic

If your cat doesn't make an immediate dash for the top of your Hicat® they may need some enticing - a laser pointer, wand teaser or just some string are great ways to grab their attention & get them rocketing on, off & around your Hicat® but you may want to think about ordering one of our Hicatch Velcro® toys as an option.


We've made some suggestions on Hicat® combinations & shelf options in the before ordering section above to help make climbing easier for your cat when using 3 & 4 Access Hole units - if you haven't followed these suggestions please make sure your cat is comfortable using the higher Access Holes on these units before leaving them unsupervised.

Monthly inspections

Just to be on the safe side we would suggest giving your floor-to-ceiling unit a quick once over from time-to-time to make sure that the ceiling connector is correctly installed (the connector should extend at least 10mm in to the ceiling fixing hole), feet are in place & the unit is secure, stable & upright.

Coir care

The coir finishes are 100% natural & don't carry any preservatives or finishing treatments so colours can fade over time especially if placed in direct sunlight - if a section becomes soiled this is best treated by using a soft brush with a little warm water (do not soak the unit) & mild detergent.

Twist Pile care

The Twist Pile finishes are synthetic so won't fade - soiling can be treated as per our coir finish but scrubbing can be more vigorous & cleaning products used as long as the unit is not soaked.

Wear & tear

Do expect to see some signs of use over time especially if the Hicat® is being put through its paces in a home with more than one cat - surfaces will become marked if your cat has a favourite scratching spot & strands can fray around the Access Holes, Peep Holes or seams but these are easily fixed with a touch of glue or trim up with some scissors.


Hicat® units are meant to be used for scratching as well as climbing but to help with Hicat® maintenance we think it's a good idea to have other scratching options available to your cat - this will help prolong the look of your unit but also give your cat choices & is especially true for multi-cat households as each cat will probably have its own favourite scratching routine. 

Pad & Fat Pad fabric care

Cushion covers can be removed & either dry cleaned or washed at 40° then laid out flat to dry - you may see 3-5% shrinkage after cleaning, which is normal for this type of fabric.

Hicatch care

The Hicatch band is made of looped Velcro® fabric, which can be cleaned with a stiff brush - the hooked Velcro® dots on the darts do attract small fibres & hair, which needs to be picked off the dots to keep them in tip top form.


We've really enjoyed watching our cats play on their Hicat® units & it's always fantastic to hear & see how other cats get on - if you can drop us an e-mail (with a photo or two) to share your experience with our products it would be really great to hear from you.