Outdoors Now Available Indoors...

Hicat® makes floor-to-ceiling cat climbers that bring out the natural agility in cats to promote exercise, well-being & interactive play


Climbing Comes Naturally...

We wanted to give cats the opportunity to do what comes naturally - climb - but indoors, in safety, on something that is tree-like in scale that looked amazing


Simple, Elegant, Functional...

Motivated by our cats' instinct to climb we started our own DIY project & came up with a simple one piece sisal covered floor-to-ceiling post - functionally what our cats needed & aesthetically what we wanted


Beautifully Bespoke...

We continued experimenting with various shapes, sizes & materials, & finally got to a version of the Hicat® that we make in our London studio


Size Really Really Matters...

Small floor foot-prints, huge climbing surfaces, a choice of durable finishes, shelf & feature options plus accessories allow you to create the perfect Hicat® indoor playground for your cat


Absolutely Unique...

Hicat® products mix contemporary form with cat friendly design - they are the only made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling cat climbers in production


Hand Made Only By Us...

Hicat® units are design registered, fabricated to a very high standard, are incredibly strong & easy to install


Plus Cats LOVE Them...

I just wanted to let you know that we received delivery of the new Fatcat 3 wall mounted unit, as planned, on Friday 15th Aug. We installed it same day and it looks amazing. But more importantly, Dexter, Dylan and Blake LOVE it; especially Blake who seems to have claimed it as his own - climbing up the inside and making his way through the holes. Wonderful product - Thank you
— Daniel - Basingstoke, UK
We LOVE our Hicat! Thank you so much!
— Michaela - Berlin, Germany
I picked up the Hicat from the harbour office this morning and its Perfect! Guys thank you so much! I LOVE it! It’s top notch
— Neil - London, UK
First of all our Hicat is a real sensation for anyone who sees it and specially for our two cats Fuzzy and Ilmari, who fell in LOVE with it the minute it arrived to our home. Hicat is an excellent product, which we would recommend to every cat
— Peter - Maribor, Slovenia
Can’t thank you enough our cats absolutely LOVE the Hicat. My brother is also thinking of getting one after seeing the enjoyment our cats are having
— George - Aberdeen, UK
YAY it arrived today! SOOOOoooo excited. The UPS delivery guy was amazed and I gave him your some info on your product. I have yet to install it but the cats have already attempted to climb it... so tomorrow I better be putting it up. I will send some pictures when it is installed. Thank you so much, I LOVE IT!
— Gillian - Winnipeg, Canada
Big thumbs up - just to say thank you for getting me sorted out with my Tomcat on Saturday. It fitted perfectly, was easy to fix, and Bob & Beryl LOVE it. I’ll have to let everyone else in on them now
— Helen - London, UK
Got our tower today...even our fatty Shorthair Blue had a go!! LOVE it....thanks!!
— Sharon - Exeter, UK
It’s fantastic, the cats LOVE it and it looks great in the room. Thank you again for your great customer service
— Emma - Amsterdam, Holland
We are absolutely delighted with the product. Not only do our cats LOVE it for scratching, playing and sleeping, but it is a lovely object in its own right. A number of visitors have commented on how great it looks - one even thought it was a piece of art
— Emma - London, UK
She LOVES it, she spends her life in and on it!

≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦
— Mokka - Paris, France
I got the Polecat a few days ago and installed it today (was surprisingly easy). The cats LOVE the Polecat & jumped on it even before it was properly tightened :D, so thank you very much once more. It was very nice to do business with Hicat, great service!
— Heikki - Oulu, Finland
Peanut and I still love our Hicat - best thing I ever bought! And it is still looking like it is brand new even after the knocking he gives it every day. LOVE it
— Kim - London, UK
They LOVE it!
— Katja - Bonn, Germany
Thanks, fits perfect & the boys LOVE it
— Stevie - Romford, UK
Finally the Hicat is in my house & the cats LOVE it!! They love that they can use their claws and climb very high! :) So thank you, I’m very pleased :)
— Mailin - Lindesnes, Norway
...Houdini LOVES the Polecat and he affords us much amusement (from both our gallery upstairs and below). We now have our own version of ‘Pride Rock’
— Stephanie - Bushey, UK
The cat poles are in & they are a hit. They were playing in them as soon as the plastic came off and have been up, on, round, climbing through ever since. The bottom hole is their new home (very cute - the two of them cuddled up together purring contentedly) and they LOVE fighting each other through the holes - totally hilarious. They are no longer jumping up the walls (literally) as they don’t need to. Must be so much better for both their mental and physical well being.

Oh, and the delivery driver was great as well - polite, helpful, interested in the product. All in all a great service.

Thanks once again
— Anne - Wendover, UK
All shelves up and the cats absolutely LOVE them!...just as the Polecats were, these are really well made and they installed easily and quickly. Huge thanks again from us all
— Susan - Birmingham, UK
We got the Fatcat and it is now installed - our cats LOVE it!
— Andrew - London, UK

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