Placing Your Order

The Order Forms at the bottom of each Product Page are used to submit your order & allows you to easily specify your Hicat® - finishes, shelf, features & accessories plus payment options can all be customised.

You can note any Non-Standard or Specials request in the Makers Notes section on the Order Form & we will confirm pricing as part of the order confirmation - some of the most common customer requests include Access Hole, Shelf & Peep Hole re-positioning adjustments & extra tall Bobcat units so feel free to ask.

Terms & conditions

Part of the ordering process also requires you to confirm acceptance of our terms & conditions, which basically means that you've read & understood this Customer Notes section of the website so again we would recommend that you read through all of the notes before ticking the box.

Incremental pricing

Because our floor-to-ceiling units are made-to-measure we apply an incremental price adjustment (up & down) to the unit prices shown based on ceiling height so please expect to see a variation in price when you order unless your ceiling height is within the 2400-2599mm ceiling dimension used as our guide unit price.

Order acknowledgement

Once you've submitted your order you'll receive an email copy of your order - if you don't receive an email straight away you may want to check your junk mail folder as it may have been treated as spam mail & quarantined by your email client.

Order confirmation

When we've checked your order we will send a confirmation email that includes a diagram of your unit & confirm your specification, any special request, Makers Notes & delivery supplement pricing where applicable together with your preferred payment request - this is normally within 1 working day of receiving your order.

Problems when ordering

From time-to-time we do get the odd report from a customer who can't place an order online because the Order Form doesn't appear to be working - this is normally down to internet browser compatibility so rather than bang your head against the wall trying to work out what's wrong it's easier just to get in touch & we will happily submit an order on your behalf.