Google 1 Star Rating...

We've been trading for 10 years now & are really proud of our Thumbs Up section but unfortunately our first Google rating isn't what we were expecting.

A one star rating appeared on our Google Business page from someone known to us who has never made a purchase but has re-homed two of our units from our customers - one of the units is eight years old & the other more than 4 years old.

We believe the reason they've decided to post this rating was because we wouldn't replace one of their units free of charge, which was showing signs of wear & tear because of it's age & level of use - we did offer to try & repair it but this wasn't good enough so they decided to post a couple of one star ratings without any accompanying review.

In our opinion, this just serves to be unwarranted & malicious.

Unfortunately Google won't intervene so the only options we have is to either remove our online listing or ask our customers to add their own Hicat® reviews & ratings - we're sorry to drag our customers into this but if you can spare a few minutes to rate & review your purchase from us we think it will turn a frowning cat face into a smiley one.

Thank you.


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