CatCon Samples For Sale

We have a selection of ex-display units that are available for pre-sale before the upcoming CatCat exhibition on the 04 & 05 August 2018 in Pasadena, California.


These pieces are sold at a 20% off on the basis that they will be ex-display & customers will need to collect their units from CatCon in Pasadena when the show closes on the 05 August.

This offer is being made available to US customers who want to avoid the usual costs associated with importing from the UK & pricing is equivalent to approximately 40% off once savings in shipping & duties are deducted.

Collection must be made when the event closes at 5PM on the 05 August & we will be around to help customers load their units to their vehicles -  the event services company Blaine can take the units back to their storage facility in Brea after the show ends for customers to organise onward forwarding via a courier but they have advised that handling & storage fees would apply so the best option is collection in person from the show.

We expect the samples to be in new condition when they are collected but obviously any unforeseen issues, such as damage in transit or scuffs to bases during the event will be dealt with accordingly. 

Please get in touch if you need further information.