Fatcat 4

Fatcat 4

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Fatcat 4 is a wide made-to-measure cat climber tube for floor-to-ceiling cat climbing with 4 Access Holes for full height internal climbing - it's fitted with a F3 Full Shelf for perching between the second & third Access Holes.

Ceiling Height Range:
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Fatcat 4 can be wrapped in either Bleached or Natural Coir as standard & is finished with Black Twist Pile internals, base & shelf.

You can customise your Hicat® with additional features, options & accessories - our Buying Guide has lots of advice & tips so makes for a good read before finalising your order.

Because of Access Hole positioning the lowest ceiling height available for Fatcat 4 is 2240mm high - if you would like the higher Access Holes repositioned in a shorter unit you can order a bespoke unit.  

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