Freestanding Fatcat Install

Units come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

3 Bolts
3 Washers (plus 1 spare)
2 Hex Keys

Freestanding Fatcats weigh up to 40kg so you may need an extra pair of hands to assemble your Hicat®

Polecat Install 2

Unpack the Hicat® & give it a good vacuum inside & out - to unpack the base lay the package label up on the floor & unscrew the bolts using the hex keys included in the install pack


Remove Cat


Place the Hicat® over one of the cardboard packaging sleeves & use the bolts (with washers installed) to assemble the base onto the bottom of the Hicat® then tighten with a large flat headed screwdriver (or spare washer) -


When secure lift the Hicat® into its upright position using the Access Holes as handles

Polecat Install 15


We love hearing from customers & their cats on what they think of their Hicat® so feel free to get in touch & send a piccie or two