Jill Steven Order

Jill Steven Order


Fatcat 4 Finished in Natural Coir (£1,020)
Price adjustment for 1820mm high unit (-£120)
Black Twist Pile internals (included)
Climb-Through Top -80° (FOC)
Climb-Through Compartment 1500mm High +80° (+£20)
Climb-Through Compartment 1100mm High -80° (+£20)
Climb-Through Compartment 700mm High +80° (+£20)
Compartment 300mm High (included)
Peep Hole 1500mm High -80° (£14)
Peep Hole 1100mm High +80° (£14)
Peep Hole 700mm High -80° (£14)
Peep Hole 300mm High +80° (£14)
Freestanding Base & Collar adaption (£80)
Hicatch Toy (£30)
Fat Pad (£14)

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Advanced Order Discount (-£57)

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We would also recommend that you double check your order & access arrangements before you make payment - because our products are made-to-order we cannot accept any returns due to incorrect measuring, specification or that are simply too big to get into your home.