Cat's Cradle Testing...

We started a design exercise a few years ago for a Cat's Cradle accessory to use with Polecat - the idea was to come up with a platform that could be retro-fitted to the unit to give some perching & sleeping options.

Prototype stainless steel frames were produced from our initial design & we thought it was about time that we completed the project.

Our cats have been testing the completed creations & they're smitten with the results - the thick hide seat, which is contoured to make for a very comfy bed plus the ability to position the cradle anywhere on the Polecat in seconds are the big selling points as far as our cats are concerned.

Tuco & Bello On Cat Cradles

The materials used in these samples make this a very special & high end piece but we are looking into fabricating a small batch if there is enough interest from our existing Polecat customers.

Cats Cradle Top
Cats Cradle Bottom

Please get in touch if you like the look of our Cat's Cradle & if you think you might be interested in making a purchase.