Scraaatch™ is our range of big, bold & colourful cat scratchers that have a clean aesthetic & are very cat friendly in terms of practical use - they won't move, topple or come apart when your cat is doing its thing.


Big, Bold & Colourful Cat Scratchers

They are available in a choice of nine standard lacquered paint finishes plus 200+ custom colours - they’re wound in superior quality sisal rope to give your cat something very special to get their claws into.

There are three designs available - Pipe is extra long for a really big horizontal scratch, Stand Pipe is made for a tall vertical scratch, Stool is great for scratching & sitting (cats & humans).

Standard Colours

Standard Colours



Designed around the idea of a fallen tree trunk & in the knowledge that most of our customers would have witnessed first hand their cats scratching their Hicat® unit whilst laying on the floor before being installed.

Scraaatch™ Pipe Orange

Scraaatch™ Pipe Orange


Pipe is 830mm long, 120mm in diameter & sits on two 20mm high stands.


Stand Pipe

This design is an upright version of the Pipe that is fixed to a base - it's probably the scratcher that most cats will be familiar with but in a taller design & without any of the unwanted wobbling or toppling over.

Scraaatch™ Stand Pipe Yellow


Stand Pipe is 830mm tall, 120mm in diameter & sits on a 435mm diameter base



A scratcher designed for an upright seated scratch or a four footed scratch whilst laying down between the legs - it looks like a piece of furniture & can be used as such. 

Scraaatch™ Stool Green

Scraaatch™ Stool Green


Stool is 480mm square, 480mm tall & sits on four 120mm diameter legs.


Custom Colours

We use Molotow™ Premium paints on our Scraaatch™ products - if you can’t find a colour you like from our standard finishes you can pick a custom colour from their 251+ range here.

Custom Colour 229 Pebble Grey

Custom Colour 229 Pebble Grey



Our products are hand assembled noting that we recommend filling them with dry silica sand to act as ballast - silica sand is also known as silver sand & this is the type you find at garden centres or pet shops.

One 5kg bag is normally enough to weigh down Pipe for an average size cat but we recommend using 7.5kg as this completely fills the Pipe - Stand Pipe & the legs on Stool should be half filled.

NB Please ensure that when filling your unit that the sand is completely dry as moisture trapped inside the could cause damage.


Online Shop

You can purchase your Scraaatch™ from our online shop & orders are normally fulfilled within 15 working days - delivery to the UK is calculated at checkout but please get in touch if you live outside of the UK & we can provide a delivery cost for your purchase.

Our products are made by hand in our London studio so we can produce bespoke orders - please get in touch if you would like to create something extra special.