Scraaatch™ is our range of big, bold & colourful cat scratchers that have a clean aesthetic & are very cat friendly in terms of practical use - they won't move, topple or come apart when your cat is doing its thing.


Big, Bold & Colourful Cat Scratchers

They are available in a choice of nine standard lacquered paint finishes plus 200+ custom colours - they’re wound in superior quality sisal rope to give your cat something very special to get their claws into.

There are four designs available - Pipe is extra long for a really big horizontal scratch, Stand Pipe is made for a tall vertical scratch, Wall Pipe can be set-up for an extra tall off the ground scratch & Stool is great for scratching & sitting (cats & humans).

Standard Colours

Standard Colours



Designed to give your cat standing or flat out scratching options - some of our customers would have witnessed these scratching positions on their Hicat® whilst in its horizontal position before being installed.

Scraaatch™ Pipe Orange

Scraaatch™ Pipe Orange


Pipe is 830mm long, 120mm in diameter & sits on two 20mm high bases.


Stand Pipe

This design is an upright version of the Pipe that is fixed to a base - it's probably the scratcher that most cats will be familiar with but in a taller design & without any of the unwanted wobbling or toppling over.

Scraaatch™ Stand Pipe Yellow


Stand Pipe is 830mm tall, 120mm in diameter & sits on a 432mm diameter base.


Wall Pipe

This design can be wall mounted at any height to give your cat that normally out of reach stretch - it’s very easy to install & comes with fixings & bits.

Scraaatch™ Wall Pipe Green

Scraaatch™ Wall Pipe Green


Wall Pipe is 830mm tall, 120mm in diameter & is offset 15mm from the wall.



A scratcher designed for an upright seated scratch or a four footed scratch whilst laying down between the legs - it looks like a piece of furniture & can be used as such. 

Scraaatch™ Stool Pink

Scraaatch™ Stool Pink


Stool is 480mm square, 480mm tall & sits on four 120mm diameter legs.


Custom Colours

We use Molotow™ Premium paints on our Scraaatch™ products - if you can’t find a colour you like from our standard finishes you can pick a custom colour from their 251+ range here.

Custom Colour 229 Pebble Grey

Custom Colour 229 Pebble Grey


Build Your Own & Spares

To give your cat even more Scraaatch™ options there are various accessories & spares available to purchase online - you can specify different end cap colours, turn a Pipe into Wall Pipe or Stand Pipe & vice versa as well as purchasing replacement sisal sections as & when they become worn.



Pipe, Stand Pipe & Stool can be assembled by hand but need to be filled with dry sand to act as ballast - Wall Pipe doesn’t need ballast but you will need a drill & medium sized cross headed screwdriver to install these units.

Please see our Installation page for more information.


Online Shop

You can purchase your Scraaatch™ from our online shop & orders are normally fulfilled within 15 working days - shipping is calculated at checkout & please get in touch if your country isn’t listed & we can provide a Delivery Quote.

Our products are made by hand in our London studio so we can produce bespoke orders - please get in touch if you would like to create something extra special.