Hicat® products are bespoke & made-to-order using the forms at the bottom of the product pages - standard weekday delivery to the UK is included with delivery supplements to Non-UK destinations calculated as part of the order confirmation or you can request a Delivery Quote before placing your order.


Advanced Orders

We normally fulfil orders within 15 working days but if you're happy to wait longer for your Hicat® you can place an Advanced Order & receive a 10% discount on your purchase (excluding shipping, stock items & accessories).

Advanced Orders are planned for production 8 weeks from payment so expect to receive your Hicat® within 10 weeks - you can select this option at checkout when making your purchase.

Terms & Conditions

Part of the ordering process also requires you to confirm acceptance of our terms & conditions, which basically means that you've read & understood the Customer Notes section of the website so again we would recommend that you read through all of the notes before ticking the box.

Incremental Pricing

Because our floor-to-ceiling units are made-to-measure we apply an incremental price adjustment (up & down) to the unit prices shown based on ceiling height so please expect to see a variation in price when you order unless your ceiling height is within the 2400-2499mm ceiling dimension used as our guide unit price.

Delivery Supplement?

UK delivery is built into our standard price list for orders so we make an allowance against this standard delivery when we calculate non-UK delivery supplements - we shop around for the best shipping price then deduct the UK delivery cost from this quote.

Unfortunately our couriers impose surcharges for what the refer to as remote UK addresses such as non-mainland & Scottish Highlands so any additional charges will be confirmed after receiving your order - if you would like to cancel your order at this stage we will refund your payment.

Order & Purchase Acknowledgement

Once you've made an online purchase or submitted an order you'll receive an email acknowledgement - if you don't receive an email straight away you may want to check your junk mail folder as it may have been treated as spam mail & quarantined by your email client.

Order Form Confirmation

After we’ve reviewed your order you'll receive an email confirmation, which will include a diagram of your unit & confirm your specification with pricing, any special request, Makers Notes & delivery supplement pricing where applicable together with your preferred payment request - this is normally within 1 working day of submitting your order.

Online Purchases

Purchases made online for Stock Items & Accessories are against inventory held in stock so is normally despatched within 48 hours of making the purchase - delivery is added at checkout based on item weight & priced using Royal Mail first or second class services for Accessories & courier rates for Stock Items.

Problems Ordering

From time-to-time we do get a customer who can't complete a payment online - this is usually down internet browser compatibility, security settings, card processing problems so rather than bang your head against the wall trying to work out what's wrong get in touch & we will do our best to get things sorted.