The Basics

We want to make ordering your Hicat® as simple as possible so please read through this information as there are some useful pointers as well as general notes, which form our terms & conditions.


Before Ordering

The Overview section illustrate unit types, options, features & you can view or download a PDF of our Pricing in the PDF Downloads section, which also contains other dimension & install documents.

Referring to the Buying Guide section before placing an order is a good move as it contains lots of tips & advice on specificying your Hicat® - you may also want to refer to our FAQs section if you can't find what you're looking for in the Customer Notes section. 

Order Your Hicat®

Hicat® products are bespoke & made-to-order using the forms at the bottom of the product pages - standard weekday delivery to the UK is included with delivery supplements to Non-UK destinations calculated as part of the order confirmation or you can request a Delivery Quote before placing your order.

Bespoke Options

As well as ordering a floor-to-ceiling unit you also have the opportunity to customise your order even further with bespoke featuresfinishes & unit options or even come up with your own one-of-a-kind Hicat® - use the Makers Notes section in the order forms on the product pages to outline your bespoke requirements. 

Stock Items

We normally have special stock items available to purchase online for UK & EU customers so please check our Stock Items page.


Toys, cushions & spare darts are all available to purchase from the Accessories Shop for UK & EU customers but if you need install spares for your Hicat® please get in touch & we'll be happy to send these out free of charge.

Sample Requests

We've done our best to illustrate carpet colours as close as possible but if you would like to see our finishes in the flesh please get in touch & we will be happy to send out samples.

Customer Discounts

We offer a discount for Hicat® returning customers so please get in touch before making a purchase - if you work within an animal welfare association or charity we are also happy to give you a discount so again please get in touch & we can advise.

We also offer a 10% discount if making a purchase as a 10 week Advanced Order.  


Delivery to the UK is included in our pricing & is normally within 15 working days from receipt of payment - Advanced Orders are fulfilled within 10 weeks & online purchases normally despatched within 48 hours.

European Union Delivery

Delivery to most EU countries is £60-£90 in addition to the UK pricing for a 2400-2499mm high Tomcat or Fatcat unit.

Shipping To The United States

We have lots of enquiries from the USA asking for shipping quotes & we are happy to provide these but the delivery supplement can be high if you don't live near a major city - typically the shipping cost is between £160-£240 in addition to the UK pricing for an average height Tomcat or Fatcat unit.

We also have a dedicated Hicat® US website that offers a selection of products for online purchase for US & Canadian customers.

Shipping To Asia, Australasia & Other Far Away Places

We can advise on shipping quotes but based on experience, the price for delivery can be very high when compared to the cost of the unit - this is obviously very disappointing for the customers & cats making these enquiries.

Import Duties, Charges & Local Taxes

If you are considering importing a unit there is a handy Duty Calculator tool that you can use to get an estimate on the total cost of importing a Hicat® unit.

Viewing Our Products

We always have some sample units on display at our London studio so if you want to visit us to have a look at what we do & how we do it please get in touch to arrange a viewing using the Studio Visit form in the Contact section.


If you are specifically looking for a cat scratcher then please visit our Scraaatch™ website - this is our separate line of big, bold & colourful products that evolved from various bespoke units that we've made over the years.


We've also developed a modular version of the Hicat® Fatcat cat climber with a twist - Catapilla™ is made up of modular compartments that can be stacked up to four units high & rotated independently of each other in 360°.

Cat Wall™

Our most recent product design is a creature feature wall & we've named it, not surprisingly, Cat Wall™ - it's made up of a modular tile system with integrated shelves & has been specifically designed for homes with limited floor space.