Bespoke Features

Below are some of the more popular bespoke features & options but because Hicat® products are made-to-order we are able to fabricate to any customer specific request so if you have something particular in mind then please get in touch.


Peep Hole Repositioning

Bespoke Peep Hole Repositioning

Peep Holes can be repositioned from their standard position to the left up to -80º or to the right - you can advise on any adjustments in the Makers Notes section when placing an order.

Peep Holes can also be placed at different vertical positions. 

Tomcat Peep Hole Rotation +80

Tomcat Peep Hole Rotation +80


Access Hole Compartments


Access Hole Compartments can be customised in position, height & depth from their recommended specification.

Compartments can be re-positioned from their recommended configuration to suit building features, furniture & or just to make things more comfortable for you & your cat when playing - Re-Positioned Compartments need to be centred at minimum of 400mm apart & at least 300mm from the top & bottom of the unit

Compartments that have a space above them can have a lid added to make the compartment more cosy for your cat - Capped Compartments can be specified in height between 400-800mm.

Compartments that have a void above them can be increased in height to allow your cat stretch up inside the unit - Extended Compartments can be specified between 400-800mm in height.

Compartments that have a void below them can also be increased in depth to give your cat even more seclusion - Recessed Compartments can be specified up to 400mm in depth in addition to the overall compartment height.


Additional Access Holes & Shelves

Example Additional & Repositioned Access Holes & Shelves

Additional Access Hole Compartments & Shelves can be added to your unit - a popular option is to add a Shelf below a Climb-Through Compartment to create a private chamber.

Please note that because of the fabrication methods used we can't rotate Access Holes in different positions around the unit (they have to face in one direction only, one above the other) but if you are specifically looking for this feature then our Catapilla™ product would be the perfect choice. 


Deep Platform Top

Hicat_Bespoke_Double _Deep_Bird_Nest.png

Bobcat, Wall Mounted & Freestanding units can also have a Deep Recessed Platform feature that increases the standard 60mm depth to 120mm. 

Deep Recessed Platform Top

Deep Recessed Platform Top


End Caps

Example End Cap Options

Standard wrapped ends can be replaced with Acrylic End Caps to give the unit a sharper more architectural feel - we can also produce end caps in sprayed MDF, aluminium & wooden finishes.

Tom Acrylic End Cap

Tom Acrylic End Cap

Pole Acrylic End Cap

Pole Acrylic End Cap


Sloping Ceiling Units

WExample Sloping Ceiling Units

Units can be fabricated with an Angled Top Cap detail so that they can be installed under a sloping ceiling - the Angled Top Cap can be fabricated to match the ceiling angle but please remember that because of this Top Cap detail these units can not be rotated around their central axis like other units.

We can also supply extra long ceiling connectors free of charge to span the gap that's created when a standard unit is installed under a sloping ceiling as an option to the Angled Top Cap detail.


Fatcat Install Option

Customers with concrete or lathe-and-plaster ceilings that can't be drilled into have the option of using a Ceiling Clamping Kit or Ceiling Spacer to install their Fatcat - they are used instead of drilling a hole for the ceiling connecting pin for the Hicat® to locate into.

Ceiling Clamping Kit

Ceiling Clamping Kit

Ceiling Spacer

Ceiling Spacer


Because Tomcat & Polecat have smaller footprints these types of install options are not available for these units, however will have previously used heavy duty Velco® to install units & this has been successful so please get in touch if you would like to enquire about this type of install.


Two Piece Units

Example Two Piece Units

Polecat, Tomcat & Fatcat units can be fabricated as two piece units with a Wrapped End detail between the sections - this is normally to aid delivery or access arrangements into the customers home but is also a handy modification if you need Access Holes to face in different directions on the unit but don’t want to purchase a Catapilla™ unit.


Ordering Your Hicat®

Please use the Order Form at the bottom of the Product Pages to order your Hicat® noting any bespoke features in the Makers Notes section & we will advise on the cost against the specification as part of the order confirmation.