Hicat® Overview

For cats climbing is both instinctive & an intrinsic part of their physiology - for us giving cats the opportunity to climb is a fundamental part of their well being, like walking your dog. 


Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Climbing comes naturally to cats & should be part of their daily exercise routine.

Hicat® cat climbers satisfy this instinct to climb so if you're not lucky enough to live in an environment that has opportunities for climbing, a Hicat® is the perfect substitute for a cat's natural habitat. 

Our designs are centred around cat climbing trees that are safe, simple & that maximise vertical surface area but with a compact footprint - they provide an all limbs climbing experience, as opposed to just back limb jumping from perch to perch, that's focused on energetic play, secluded relaxation & providing lots of entertainment for both you & your cat.


Environmental Behaviour

The tree-like climbing experience is an obvious exercise related aspect of our Hicat® design but cat behaviourists will also tell you how important vertical territory is, especially in a multi-cat household - having lounging, sleeping & playing opportunities at different levels not only broadens your cat's environment vertically but also fulfils its important & often overlooked territorial needs.

Our designs include units that have access hole compartments & recessed tops offering built-in cat-friendly multi-levels & can be set up next to furniture & room features to exploit untapped vertical territory helping to maximise your cat's indoor landscape & give it a whole new world to explore.

Bespoke For Cats

We believe our cat furniture is unique when it comes to climbing & given the materials & workmanship that go in to them we also think they are excellent value for money considering their size & that they’re bespoke.

Our floor-to-ceiling designs are made-to-measure so will integrate into your home seamlessly & we also fabricate wall mounted units & freestanding versions - because our products are bespoke you can customise your Hicat® with an array of options & features plus there is a coordinated range of accessories as well as more bespoke finishes, features, units & one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our Products

Hicat® products are strong, safe & durable & available in a variety of made-to-measure posts & tubes to give your cat an indoor climbing experience like no other - our VideoThumbs-Ups sections say it all but we also have excellent reviews on Google where customers have commented that they’ve owned units for 4, 5, 6, & as long as 10 years & they're still going strong.

We make them by hand in our London studio & the use of high quality materials & workmanship means that your Hicat® will be a very special addition to your home - our Gallery is a good place to start if you need some inspiration.

They are wrapped in coir boucle carpet, which has a looped weave so that your cat is sure footed & confident when climbing - the internal compartments are finished in a deep twist pile carpet to give your cat a soft & cosy space to curl up.



Tomcat 3

Tomcat 3

Fatcat 4

Fatcat 4



Hicat® products are made-to-order using the forms at the bottom of the product pages - standard weekday delivery to the UK is included with delivery supplements to Non-UK destinations calculated as part of the order confirmation or you can request a Delivery Quote before placing your order.

In addition to our made-to-measure products we also make units that are held as stock & available to purchase online - these pieces are usually either wall mounted or free standing pieces.

We recommend referring to the Buying Guide page before ordering to help decide on the right set-up for you & your cat - there's also a comprehensive FAQs section & Customer Notes but if you can't find what you're looking for or need some advice then please feel free to get in touch

Bespoke Wool Polecat & Cat's Cradles

Bespoke Wool Polecat & Cat's Cradles

Bespoke Coir Fatcat 4 & Bobcat

Bespoke Coir Fatcat 4 & Bobcat

Wall Mounted Fatcat 4

Wall Mounted Fatcat 4

Bespoke Wool Fatcat 4 & Bobcat

Bespoke Wool Fatcat 4 & Bobcat

We know there is a massive range of budget & appreciation of what is spent on cats but we can't stress enough how important we think it is to give your cat the opportunity to climb indoors so if you're not ready to make a purchase then you may want to consider making a DIY version of our HIcat® for your cat to climb.




Polecat is our floor-to-ceiling cat climbing post - it’s made-to-measure for ceilings 2220mm & higher.



Tomcat  Designer Cat Tree

Tomcat is our floor-to-ceiling cat climbing tube - it’s made-to-measure for ceilings 2220mm & higher with bespoke configuration of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 Access Hole Compartments plus additional features & options.




Fatcat is our wide floor-to-ceiling cat climbing tube - it’s made-to-measure for ceilings 2220mm & higher with bespoke configuration of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 Access Hole Compartments plus additional features & options.




Bobcat units are our wide podiums with a single Access Hole Compartment & Recessed Platform Top feature.


Wall Mounted

Bespoke Made-To-Measure Cat Climbers

Polecat, Tomcat & Fatcat units can be specified as wall mounted units - they are available in heights of 1820mm & higher.



Fatcat Luxury Cat Tower

Fatcat can also be specified as freestanding unit up to 1830mm tall.



Luxury Cat Towers

We have a complete range of Accessories available to order online including toys, cushions, wall mounts, top cap lids, a perch specially designed for use with Polecat units & even a DIY kit for making your own Hicat®.


More Bespoke

Bespoke Units Diagram

You can also customise your Hicat® even further with bespoke features & units like additional Access Hole Compartments & Peep Hole re-positioning, Deep Recessed Tops, extra tall units, two-piece units, sloping ceiling options.

Bespoke finishes are also available & if you still can't find exactly what you're looking for we also make bespoke one-of-a-kind Hicat® units.


Stock Items

Stock Items Diagram

In addition to our made-to-order products we also make units that are held as Stock & available for purchase on a first come first served basis.

These items are usually either wall mounted or free standing units with unusual finishes, configuration or features & options.


Scraaatch™, Catapilla™ & Cat Wall™

We also have three separate but coordinated ranges of products that have been born out of our bespoke & OOAK pieces.

Contemporary Cat Furniture

Scraaatch™ is our range of big, bold & colourful cat scratchers.

Catapilla™ is our Fatcat range of modular cat furniture with a twist.

Cat Wall™ is our creature feature wall made up of wall hanging tiles with integrated shelves.