Bespoke Units

Below are some of the bespoke pieces that we've made but because Hicat® products are made-to-order we can make to any customer specific request so if you have something particular in mind then please get in touch.


Tall Bobcat

Bobcat units can be fabricated as extra tall units & have additional Access Holes & Shelves included - typically these units are 1000mm & have two Access Hole Compartments & sometimes Climb-Through Compartment.

Bespoke Bobcat finish Tibet Wild Cat Wool with Black Twist Pile internals

Bespoke Bobcat finish Tibet Wild Cat Wool with Black Twist Pile internals


Another variation for Bobcat units is a Double Deep Bird Nest feature that increases the standard 60mm depth to 120mm, which means that there is still a recess after a cushion is installed - this feature is also particularly good as a sleeping area for multi-cat households. 

Example Tall Bobcats

We recommend placing ballast in the base of standard Bobcat units to prevent units from toppling & don't advise going above 1000mm high for these special units but if you do want something taller you always have the option of using a Wall Fixing Kit to install a +1000mm high unit or a Freestanding Fatcat.


Bobcat Storage


Instead of an Access Hole Compartment Bobcat can be customised with a Storage Compartment - access is through a Black Painted Lid in the Recessed Top, which can be specified at depths of between 60-120mm noting that a Fat Pad to cover the lid is included.


Polecat Wall Shelf

Polecat units can be fabricated with an integrated wall mounted shelf - the Polecat can be floor-to-ceiling or wall mounted & are particularly good for customers on a budget who want to give their cat a high perch.

Bleached Wall Mounted Polecat with integrated White Painted Shelf

Bleached Wall Mounted Polecat with integrated White Painted Shelf


The shelf measures 360mm deep, 460mm & 40mm thick & is usually finished in a white paint finish but can be sprayed with a colour then lacquered


This bespoke design was the inspiration for a our Cat’s Cradle, which is now offered as an alternative to this fixed shelf.


+3040mm High Units

Example +3040mm High Units

Polecat, Tomcat & Fatcat units can be fabricated taller than the standard maximum 3040mm height up to a ceiling height of 4800mm as a one piece unit.

We always offer a word of caution to customers thinking about ordering extra tall units as climbing to the top can be daunting for some cats (& their owners) - also, when specifying Climb-Through Access Hole Compartments on these units there will undoubtedly be large internal spans, which could be difficult for some cats to climb down through.


Two Piece Units


Polecat, Tomcat & Fatcat units can be fabricated as two piece units with a Wrapped End detail between the sections - this is normally to aid delivery or access arrangements into the customers home but is also a handy modification if you need Access Holes to face in different directions on the unit but don’t want to purchase a Catapilla™ unit.


Bridge Walkway

Hicat_Bespoke_Bridge Walkway.png

We've made high level bridges that connect to the top of Tomcat & Fatcat units & extend on to either room features, furniture or another Hicat® - the walkway is normally a 200-250mm wide coir covered MDF shelf & can extend up to around 1200mm from the Hicat® unit.


Ordering Your Hicat®

Please use the Order Form at the bottom of the Product Pages to order your Hicat® noting your bespoke unit in the Makers Notes section & we will advise on the cost against the specification as part of the order confirmation.