Bespoke Units

Below are some of the more popular bespoke units that we've made but because Hicat® products are made-to-order we have the ability to fabricate to any customer specific request so if you have something particular in mind then please get in touch.


Tomcat & Fatcat Wall Mounted Units


Tomcat & Fatcat units can be fixed to a wall rather than ceiling by using a Wall Fixing Kit - these units are normally between 1800-2200mm in height & have a Bird Nest feature on top of the unit, sometimes with a climb-through Worm Hole Bird Nest on Fatcat units.

The Wall Fixing Kit allows Tomcat & Fatcat units to be installed 180mm from the wall - this is to give your cat some room to climb & play around the back of the unit but this standard spacing measurement can be modified to between 60-240mm when placing your order.

We generally recommend leaving a minimum gap of 300mm between the top of the unit & your ceiling so that your cat can sit upright while perching on top of the unit - units can also be rotated & installed with the Access Holes facing in any direction.

Wall mounted units can also have a Double Deep Bird Nest feature that increases the standard 60mm depth to 120mm.

Wall Mounted Fatcat 4 finished Bleached Coir with White Twist Pile internals

Wall Mounted Fatcat 4 finished Bleached Coir with White Twist Pile internals

Worm Hole Bird Nest Feature

Worm Hole Bird Nest Feature

Double Deep Bird Nest

Double Deep Bird Nest

Wall Fixing Kit

Wall Fixing Kit


Polecat Wall Mounted Units


To complement Tomcat & Fatcat wall mounted units we've developed a fixing so that Polecat units can also be wall mounted.

The assembly differs from the Tomcat & Fatcat Wall Fixing Kit as the connection is made by attaching a top cap to the top of the Polecat & this is secured to the wall rather than fixing through the back of the units as per Tomcat & Fatcat.

The size of the top cap determines the position of the Polecat from the wall - a 120mm gap between the unit & the wall is normal but this can be increased/decreased between 60-180mm.

The top cap is normally given a waterfall edge to soften the profile & like the Tomcat & Fatcat Wall Fixing Kit it's supplied with all of the necessary screws, connectors & a drill bit for installation.

Please note that the maximum height of your wall fixed Polecat is your ceiling height less the length of the screwdriver that you will use to install the unit - this is because the top cap is secured from above so clearance is needed.

Polecat Wall Fixing Top Cap

Polecat Wall Fixing Top Cap


Freestanding Fatcat 4

With the addition of a bespoke floor plate we've created a completely free-standing version of our Fatcat 4 - the second, third & fourth Access Holes were positioned 400mm lower than standard to reduce the units height down to 1830mm.

Freestanding Fatcat 4 finished in Tibet Wolf Wool

Freestanding Fatcat 4 finished in Tibet Wolf Wool


Climb-through W2, W3 & W4 Worm Hole Shelves have been specified under each Access Hole along with a Worm Hole Bird Nest to allow full height internal climbing.

To create this freestanding unit we had to develop an internal mounting collar that is concealed in the bottom of the Hicat® & this construction gives the unit the strength to turn it in to a free-standing structure when secured to its 720mm diameter base.

Fatcat 1, 2 & 3 versions of this unit can also be fabricated but unfortunately Tomcat & Polecat units don't have a big enough footprint to allow us to make these in a freestanding option.


Catapilla™ Fatcat

We've experimented with a modular freestanding version of our Fatcat, which we named Catapilla™ - it's made up of interconnecting stackable compartments that can be rotated independently of each other in 360°.

The Body compartments are 400mm tall & there's a 470mm high Bird Nest Top compartment to finish off the unit - it can be stacked four units high when mounted on its 720mm diameter base.

Catapilla™ Fatcat finished in Bleached & Natural Coir

Catapilla™ Fatcat finished in Bleached & Natural Coir


Polecat Wall Shelf

Polecat units can be fabricated with an integrated wall mounted shelf that can be finished in either coir, twist pile or painted - this set-up is particularly good for customers on a budget who want to give their cat a high perch.


Tomcat & Fatcat 1


Tomcat & Fatcat units can be fabricated as bespoke wall mounted units with Bird Nest tops - these are our most affordable units for customers who want to give their cat climbing opportunities with that all-important high perch & quiet sleeping area.


Tall Bobcat


Bobcat units can be fabricated as extra tall units & have additional Access Holes & Shelves included - typically these units are 1000mm & have two Access Holes with a Full or Worm Hole Shelf between them & sometimes with a Double Deep Bird Nest.

Another variation for Bobcat units is a Double Deep Bird Nest feature that increases the standard 60mm depth to 120mm, which means that there is still a recess after a cushion is installed - this feature is also particularly good as a sleeping area for multi-cat households. 

We recommend placing ballast in the base of standard Bobcat units to prevent units from toppling & don't advise going above 1000mm high for these special units but if you do want something taller you always have the option of using a Wall Fixing Kit to install a +1000mm high unit or even a bespoke Freestanding Fatcat.


Ordering Your Hicat®

Please use the Order Form at the bottom of the standard Product Pages to order your Hicat® noting your special unit in the Makers Notes section & we will advise on the cost against the final specification as part of the order confirmation.