Hicat® units come complete with an Install pack containing bits, fixings & tools so all you will need to install your floor-to-ceiling Hicat® is a stepladder, pencil & drill - there are online assembly & install instructions for all of our products below.


Before The Fun Starts

We give our units a clean before they leave us but after unpacking your Hicat® we recommend giving the Hicat® a good vacuum inside & out to remove any loose fibres that may have been missed - the same applies to Catapilla™ & best to give Cat Wall™ panels a quick once over as well.

Hicat® Installation

Please use the following step-by-step guides to install our floor-to-ceiling, wall mounted & freestanding units.

Tomcat & Fatcat
Wall Mounted Polecat 
Wall Mounted Tomcat & Fatcat
Freestanding Fatcat

Two Pairs Of Hands Are Better Than One

Manoeuvring larger Tomcat & Fatcat units into place can be tricky if you're on your own so we would recommend getting some help when installing these units.

Freestanding Bobcat

We recommend filling podium units with dry sand to prevent them toppling -10kg for a standard height Bobcat is about right but this can be increased up to 20kg for taller units.

The chamber plug is not easy to remove so please bear this in mind before fitting it & using fire or play sand is best as this won’t clump when filling - builders & silica sand (aka silver sand) is easy to shop for but will probably be damp & need to be completely dried out before use.

Scraaatch™ Assembly

Pipe, Stand Pipe & Stool can be assembled by hand & need to be filled with dry sand to act as ballast - we recommend using fire or play sand as this won’t clump when filling.

Silica sand (aka silver sand) is easy to find at your local pet shop or garden centre but will probably be damp so will need to be completely dried out before use.

Pipe should be completely filled with 8kg of sand, Stand Pipe half filled with 4kg of sand & the legs on Stool can be filled if the unit moves whilst being scratched - Wall Pipe doesn’t need ballast but you will need a drill & medium sized cross headed screwdriver to install these units.

To install Wall Pipe start by assembling the unit with wall brackets attached, orientated inwards under the Pipe body - brackets locate over the end cap connectors & need to be rotated so that they will be flush to the wall when installed.

Hold the Wall Pipe against the wall & mark-up the bracket positions making sure you scribe marks on both sides & the end of the brackets - disassemble the unit & use the brackets to drill pilot holes using the small drill bit.

Drill fixing holes at least 50mm deep using the large drill bit & install the wall plugs - fix brackets with screw cups between screw head & bracket then reassemble the Pipe. 

Catapilla™ Assembly

Units come complete with fixings & tools to assemble units.

To assemble a stacked unit start by placing the Base upside down on top of a Body & insert the nut into the connector inside the Body - attach the Base with a bolt plus washer through the Base into the Body.

Connect Body units together using a long bolt & nut - connectors are universal so fixings can be installed inside either end of the Body units & either way up is fine.

Connect the Lid using the short bolt - screw the bolt through the top connector inside the the Body & attach the lid.

Feet should be fixed into the 6 pre-drilled pilot marks that are set-out equi-distance around the end caps of the units.

If wall mounting your Catapilla™ assemble the Body & Body+ units as above then follow the Wall Mounted Tomcat & Fatcat installation instructions.

Cat Wall™ Installation

Tiles come with install packs that contain fixings & bits - you will need a drill, medium size cross headed screwdriver, spirit level & steel tape measure to install your Cat Wall™ noting that if you don’t have a spirit level there is a work around using just a tape measure.

Please visit our install page for instructions on installing your Cat Wall™.

Safety First

It's important that you read the installation paying careful attention to the safety notes & make sure that your Hicat® is correctly installed & stable before you allow your cat/cats to play.t