Hicat® units come complete with an Install pack containing instructions, fixings & tools so all you will need to install your floor-to-ceiling Hicat® is a stepladder, a drill that can hold a 11mm bit but having a small mirror to hand will also be useful if you've ordered a Tomcat or Fatcat.


Install Instructions

You can download install instructions on our PDF Downloads page before your unit arrives or review step-by-step instructions online for our floor-to-ceiling or wall mounted units.

Polecat Install
Tomcat & Fatcat Install
Wall Mounted Polecat 
Wall Mounted Tomcat & Fatcat

Two Pairs Of Hands Are Better Than One

Manoeuvring larger Tomcat & Fatcat units into place can be tricky if you're on your own so we would recommend getting some help when installing these units.

Freestanding Bobcat

We recommend that some ballast is placed inside these units to prevent them toppling over during boisterous play - a couple of 5kg sandbags from the garden centre should do the job - if you've ordered a taller bespoke unit then we suggest increasing the weight to make sure there's no chance of the unit toppling.

Heavier Tomcat & Fatcat Units

These units may need to be raised slightly from time-to-time after they've been installed if carpet compresses down &/or floorboards give so they come with adjustable feet that can be raised using the hex key enclosed in the installation pack.

Safety First

It's important that you read the installation instruction paying careful attention to the safety notes & make sure that your Hicat® is correctly located in the ceiling fixing & stable before you allow your cat/cats to play.