Tomcat & Fatcat Install

Units come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

Adjustable Feet
3 Foam Pads (plus spare)
1 Ceiling Connector
1 Ceiling Bush
1 Drill Bit
1 Hex Key

You’ll need an extra pair of hands to install your Hicat® plus a step ladder, pencil & a drill that can hold an 11mm bit - if you have a small mirror this will also be useful


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 1

1  Install the connector into the middle insert on top of the Hicat® & the feet into the three outer inserts on the base - if you are installing the unit on a smooth hard floor stick the foam pads to the feet


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install2

2  Mark-up a hole on the ceiling in the centre of the proposed Hicat® position


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install3

3  Remove cat


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install4

4  Drill a hole at the centre mark at least 20mm deep using the drill bit & insert the bush into the ceiling - adding
a dab of glue to the bush before you insert it will also help keep it in place over time


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install5

5  Remove cat


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install6

6  With the Access Holes facing you & using them to hold the Hicat® lift the unit & locate the connector into the bush keeping the unit as vertical as possible - it's best to have someone on a step ladder to guide the unit into position while you manoeuvre it


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install7

7  Remove cat


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install8

8  When the connector is located in the bush push the bottom of the Hicat® into an upright position - manoeuvring the Hicat® into position can be tricky so a good tip is to use a small mirror to help guide
the connector into the bush


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install9

9  After the Hicat® is installed the connector should extend into the ceiling bush by at least 10mm - as a visual check the gap between the top of the Hicat® & ceiling should be 20mm or less after installation


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 10

10  If the gap between the ceiling & Hicat® is more than 20mm use the hex key to raise the Hicat® by slowly adjusting each foot clockwise from the inside the unit bit by bit so as to spread weight evenly across the three feet as it lifts


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 11

11  Remove cat


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 12

12  When the Hicat® is set at the correct height rotate it so the access holes are facing in the desired direction - when you’re happy with the rotation you then need to make sure the Hicat® is plumb


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 13

13  Remove cat


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 14

14  Finally, with the Hicat® at the correct height & rotation, level the unit - check that all three feet are all in contact with the floor so the weight is evenly spread between the feet


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 15

15  Give your Hicat® a good vacuum inside & out to remove any loose fibres & remember to give your unit a quick check over from time to time to make sure that the ceiling connector is correctly engaged, the feet are level & the unit is stable


 Tomcat & Fatcat Install 16

16  Playtime