Thumbs Up (Testimonials)

We are up & running - awesome!! Many thanks for all your help & advice - hope to order again in the future
— Gary - Lisburn, UK
Just wanted to say, we received our Hicat yesterday and so far it has been a massive success with our two Maine Coon kittens - see attached video & pix! Thank you
— Tara & Alex - London, UK




I have put the units in place 10 days ago and could not find time to drop you a note. Everything went fine and I wanted to tell you that I am impressed, by the product of course which is extremely well made, but even more because things around the product make so much sense - the extensive information on your website, which yet long, is necessary to read through to make the good choice and avoid too much back and forth comm and disappointment. The shipment cost of course. And last and certainly unnoticed for most of the customers, the packaging is just right in any sense. Light, minimal to save shipping costs, but protective enough. Again your company showed that all things are thought through and that you very well know what you are doing. That feeling is rare. I am handy myself and quite good at it, quite demanding usually, but here I have to show all my respect :) a pleasure dealing with people like you
— Jean-Julien - Hong Kong
Just to let you know that our cats LOVE their Hicat !
— Laura - Edinburgh, UK
Beano & Bertie

Beano & Bertie

Just wanted to tell you that the Polecat is up and even our not so height-friendly cat climbs all the way up :). They really seem to like it!
— Maja - Luleå, Sweden
I picked up the Hicat from the harbour office this morning and its Perfect! Guys thank you so much! I love it! It’s top notch!

I don’t receive my snow Bengal kitten Kotick until the 13th so still getting everything ready here... and thank you for making the Bobcat off grid on spec for my boat the size its perfect! I know Kotick will love it! and I will share some pics/ vids when he’s using it! I wish I could get a pole that would fit in the low ceilings in my boat? It’s awesome! the quality and detail is fantastic! Your site photos don’t do your product justice! Great stuff!!! Thank you!
— Neil - London, UK
I purchased a wall mount Fatcat 3 for my Bengal x Savannah kitten, Charlie, and it’s brilliant, she loves it! It is quite a feature in our living room and a source of great entertainment when Charlie and our older cat, Tom, play in it together - Tom has commandeered the lower levels while Charlie rules the roost from the birds nest! The Hicatch was a great addition (thank you Mark 😸) and the cats love running up and down after the darts! A great product and highly recommended!
— Helen - Hadston, UK


The Polecat is installed and Dylan, Dexter and Blake are loving it..! Thank you very much :-)
— Daniel - Basingstoke, UK
I just thought you might like to see some pics of the cats enjoying their new Hicat. It took them a while to get use to it but now my white snow bengal Raj will sleep up the top everyday and Apu the brown spotted bengal will sneak up when it’s free. Plus It looks great in the extension. Thank you for all you help during the order
— Kelly - Lower Kingswood, UK
The cat poles are in & they are a hit. They were playing in them as soon as the plastic came off and have been up, on, round, climbing through ever since. The bottom hole is their new home (very cute - the two of them cuddled up together purring contentedly) and they love fighting each other through the holes - totally hilarious. They are no longer jumping up the walls (literally) as they don’t need to. Must be so much better for both their mental and physical well being.

Oh, and the delivery driver was great as well - polite, helpful, interested in the product. All in all a great service.

Thanks once again
— Anne - Wendover, UK
Mungo & Missy

Mungo & Missy arrived around 10am and WOW!!! It is nothing short of stunning and a work of art, well-done you, you have seriously created every cat-lovers dream cat-play thing! I stood it up straight away, I couldn’t wait ;) Two of my cats were straight up it, one has not been off it....she is now laid on the floor panting as she has truly exerted herself ;) The other three are sleeping so have yet to discover it. What a fantastic piece of kit, it really is. After years of searching for the ideal cat climber I have found it - thanks to you and your company. The quality is second to none, it is perfect in every way! Thank you so much for such a pleasant and enjoyable purchase...I will be back for another pole sometime, you can count on that ;)
— Emma - Exeter, UK
I got the Polecat a few days ago and installed it today (was surprisingly easy). The cats love the Polecat & jumped on it even before it was properly tightened :D, so thank you very much once more. It was very nice to do business with Hicat, great service!
— Heikki - Oulu, Finland
It’s been a while, but just wanted to say thank you for the Hicat - picture shows another happy cat; she loves it....the quality is fantastic, really good design and build
— Helen - Brentwood, UK
We’ve fixed the unit - full score! It fits well in our living room and it had just been placed erect that the two cats we’re already climbing it up and in and whatever, we all love it indeed. I will advertise for this excellent product to my cat lovers friends without a garden
— Nadine - Genthod, Switzerland
Just wanted to say that our cats love their Tomcat 4 and so do we! That’s a great product
— Gaud - Edinburgh, UK
Kimchi and Noodle

Kimchi and Noodle

They love it!
— Katja - Bonn, Germany
We love our Hicat! Thank you so much!
— Michaela - Berlin, Germany
Thank you so much for the excellent service and advice, you made my day yesterday!
— Deborah - Hartlepool, UK
Just to let you know, the unit arrived safely last week. Our kitten loves it and moved her “base” from our bedroom to the new scratching post. Great work!”
— Leopold - Hamburg, Germany


Just to say – we love our Bobcats.....great design, quality and really good fun! Thanks so much
— Suzanne - London, UK
Finally the cats are here & probably the first thing they did is check-out their new ‘toy’ is a great success. Thank you again. Yonas & Sami (& their ‘parents’ ) are very happy!
— Andrea & Duco - Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Your product is superb!...was up in less than 5 minutes. First cat was up 30s later LOL. Looks so beautiful too...most definitely will be back for a Tomcat when I find another free space in the house! Superb!
— Christina - Guildord, UK
We just want to say thanks again for the good service and the fast delivery! Our cats are loving the towers and they play a lot of time with them, good investment! :) Thanks a lot and have a good time
— Norbert - Mindleheim, Germany


Big thumbs up - just to say thank you for getting me sorted out with my Tomcat on Saturday. It fitted perfectly, was easy to fix, and Bob & Beryl love it. I’ll have to let everyone else in on them now
— Helen - London, UK
Max loves the Fat Cat and the Pole Cat 😸. He was inside and exploring the Fat Cat even before it was upright. Once it was installed he needed no encouragement to go up it, in it and down it! The Pole Cat is a similar hit - different climbing dynamics though so we need to be fast to catch him and take photographs!

Thanks so much - one happy Max and two happy cat parents!
— Julie - London, UK


They are here!!!!!, Thank you so much, I love them as do the cats! James (my husband) couldn’t believe how easy it was to put up, 2 minutes and it was done and the cats were up it! I was totally surprised to find you managed to get 4 holes in, thanks so much guys. I cannot praise it enough! Thanks again and I really hope this product takes off as well as I think it should, if I have anything to do with it it will LOL
— Nicky - Sutton, UK
Yep, two satisfied customers! Thanks again for producing such a beautiful, unique and practical cat gym! As soon as I took the plastic off, Cypher was straight in through one of the holes and sharpening her claws. As soon as I got the Hicat into place, she was straight up it! She remains intrigued, and I can see she is pleased to have access to another queenly vantage point! So, in short, I am thrilled!
— Amy - Aylesbury, UK
He loves it!!!! As you can see it looks good in our hall…friends think it’s some sort of piece of art
— James - London, UK


The three cats loved it when it was lying on its side, but now they really love it! All of them shot straight up it, and they’ve been playing together in it (defending the perches from intruders) so if anyone asks you if it’s good for multi-cat households, the answer is a resounding yes! Thanks again, I am totally delighted by the Hicat, and the customer service I’ve received!
— Kathryn - London, UK
Thank you very much again for the beautiful product and for your friendly service
— Siobhan - Dublin, Eire
All arrived perfect no damage. Cats immediately made it home followed by usual Burmese shenanigans
— Andrew - London, UK
We were really glad to see such quality craftsmanship! Very nice quality and looks way better than the German discounter crap
— Maria & Tim - Bremen, Germany
Thank u so much for the unit! The cats were on it before I even got it in the door! They have made a bed at the bottom and play hide and seek non-stop!
— Laxmi - Glasgow, UK
I have just ordered a second Hicat (Bobcat) unit, as the original Bobcat unit has proved invaluable. The furniture hasn’t been scratched at all since it arrived 8 months ago, it keeps her occupied & also serves as a snooze post and, frankly, it’s the best investment I have made for the cat....look forward to the arrival of the new unit and thanks again for a great product
— Kenneth - London, UK


Just wanted to say thank you for the FatCat3. Winston & Reggie love it
— Aimee - Liphook, UK
Winston & Reggie

Winston & Reggie

We got the Fatcat and it is now installed - our cats love it!
— Andrew - London, UK
Just to let you know that we are really pleased with our free-standing ‘Fatcat’, which arrived today. The quality is excellent and the cat seems very happy (see picture). Many thanks
— Sarah - Alfreton, UK


We love it and our cat Mir also. Thank you for everything and the great job
— Karelle - Satigny, Switzerland
Natsumi and Naruto have immediatly adopted the Tomcat! Our four month old young cats now have the playground they needed. All was perfect, from Mark’s pre-sale assistance, the delivery, the easy set up and of course the Tomcat realisation itself. We spent a lot of time searching for a ‘cat tree’, and really Hicat’s concept is by far the best we’ve found.
— Christian - Asnières sur Seine, France
Natsumi & Naruto

Natsumi & Naruto

Hieronymus is thrilled with his Fatcat tower. Thank you so much
— Teresa - Liverpool, UK


All set up! I’m really impressed with the quality, and Pandora absolutely loves it! A few pics as promised and if you’d like a more formal testimonial/online review somewhere then I’d be happy to oblige.
— Tom - London, UK


Thank you so much!!
Rocky is very happy!
I gonna buy another one real soon!
Have a nice day!
— Stefano - Monza, Italy


The Fatcat arrived this morning thanks and I’m really impressed :). I thought my current trees/scratching posts were good quality but this one puts them to shame. It was so easy to fit that I managed to do it myself...the cats were straight up it and round it and in it. Shelves are up as well and have already been used to get from one post to the other. Having the extra vertical space is great and the entertainment for us is an added bonus
— Helen - Stafford, UK
I just wanted to let you know that we received delivery of the new Fatcat 3 wall mounted unit, as planned, on Friday 15th Aug. We installed it same day and it looks amazing. But more importantly, Dexter, Dylan and Blake LOVE it; especially Blake who seems to have claimed it as his own - climbing up the inside and making his way through the holes. Wonderful product - Thank you
— Daniel - Basingstoke, UK
...Houdini loves the Polecat and he affords us much amusement (from both our gallery upstairs and below). We now have our own version of ‘Pride Rock’!
— Stephanie - Bushey, UK


A great hit with cats and customers alike...
— Totnes Cats Café - Totnes, UK
Just completed your survey and sent a couple of emails with pics of our Bengal kitten Gizmo, she loves it and spends a lot of time playing on it. Keep up the good work
— Nick - Inverkip, Scotland




Got our tower today...even our fatty Shorthair Blue had a go!! Love it....thanks!!
— Sharon - Exeter, UK
Just to let you know all is well. Excellent delivery service - and the product is stunning. A work of art!”
— Judy - Bolton, UK
Hello & a quick thank you - our order came without any problems & our cat is up the Polecat. He is really enjoying the climbing
— Stephen - Dumfries, UK
Hicat is in place - thought it was going to be much trickier to get in place but it was ok once we figured it out. Peanut loved it when it was on the floor - when we put it up he sniffed around a bit and then took off up to the top! He loves it - he’s like a little furry piece of velcro! Thanks for your help and advice. Its a fantastic sturdy piece of kit and it is also a really pleasing design. Fits in nicely even in my small flat
— Kim - London, UK
Peanut and I still love our Hicat - best thing I ever bought! And it is still looking like it is brand new even after the knocking he gives it every day. Love it.
— Kim - London, UK


YAY it arrived today! SOOOOoooo excited. The UPS delivery guy was amazed and I gave him your some info on your product. I have yet to install it but the cats have already attempted to climb it... so tomorrow I better be putting it up. I will send some pictures when it is installed. Thank you so much, I LOVE IT!
— Gillian - Winnipeg, Canada
The Hicat is now in place and perfect. Thank you
— Fiona - Mortimer Common, UK
She LOVES it, she spends her life in and on it!
≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦ ≧^◡^≦
— Mokka - Paris, France


Can’t thank you enough our cats absolutely love the Hicat. My brother is also thinking of getting one after seeing the enjoyment our cats are having
— George - Aberdeen, UK
It’s fantastic, the cats love it and it looks great in the room. Thank you again for your great customer service
— Emma - Amsterdam, Holland


It is here and it is fabulous!! Thank you so much!
— Tammie - London, UK
The Tomcat and Bobcat have arrived safely....we put it up without problems and the little one loves it!
— Erica - Sint Martin, The Netherlands
Thank you very much for the Hicat. So far rocky (our Bengal) has taken to climbing it very quickly, very well made product indeed. Thank you again as this is a superb item!
— Kristina - Bristol, UK
I just wanted to say that we are thrilled with our Hicat! It is an amazing invention and does exactly what it says on the tin - our two Siamese kittens play, scratch and sleep in it and it looks lovely in our sitting room too. Your idea and workmanship are outstanding! Thank you so much! We love our Hicat! Thank you so much!
— Helen- Leicester, UK
Many thanks - Hicat arrived & installed safely. The Ocicat loves it, the Savannah is being a little more wary but I am sure that both will be racing up and down it on no time - as will the two kittens when they arrive next week. Thank you for saving our furnishings, and for the advice and service, will certainly recommend you
— Rebecca- Sheffield, UK
Thanks to you and your team for creating such wonderful cat furniture. Polecat successfully installed and Samson liked it right away :-))
— Tanja - Dingolfing, Germany
Thanks, fits perfect & the boys love it
— Stevie - Romford, UK
All shelves up and the cats absolutely love them!...just as the Polecats were, these are really well made and they installed easily and quickly. Huge thanks again from us all
— Susan - Birmingham, UK
Bam Bam & Pebbles

Bam Bam & Pebbles

....just wanted to let you know that we have installed the Hicat Polecat, could not have been easier to set up, it was an instant success with our cat, primo - he started climbing it even before it was installed properly, we will definitely be spreading the word about Hicat to all our kitty parent friends
— Peter - London, UK
We are absolutely delighted with the product. Not only do our cats love it for scratching, playing and sleeping, but it is a lovely object in its own right. A number of visitors have commented on how great it looks - one even thought it was a piece of art!
— Emma - London, UK
....the Tomcat 4 was perfect. It was well designed and very eagerly excepted by the final users. It was very easy to see that designers have had both the knowledge about cats & the eye for beautiful things. I´m very happy to give your web address to every Finnish cat owner
— Kauko - Helsinki, Finland
First of all our Hicat is a real sensation for anyone who sees it and specially for our two cats Fuzzy and Ilmari, who fell in love with it the minute it arrived to our home. Hicat is an excellent product, which we would recommend to every cat
— Peter - Maribor, Slovenia
Fuzzy & Illmari

Fuzzy & Illmari

I think we can safely say that your scratch post has been a big hit. She’s never off it and it seems to be a multi purpose scratch post, day bed and toy storage system all in one. Very impressed and thanks again
— Kenny - London, UK
The Bobcat has arrived! It’s perfect! Thank you so much! The cats just captured it! Thanks a lot for the great piece! It looks terrific!
— Pascale - Saarbrücken, Germany
We just wanted to let you know how much we (including our cats) love the Hicat! They both love being on the bird nest top - which at times causes one to be pushed off!
— Hannah - Solihull, UK
Pumpkin & Emrys

Pumpkin & Emrys

Just thought I would send you an e-mail to let you know I received the Polecat & have installed it. After everything that went on I thought I’d let you know how much my cats love the pole. They have been up and down it for the past two days and keep sleeping in the top section. Thanks again you have made two little cats very happy
— Chris - Banstead, UK
Here we go! Strongly approved by Peanut and Nestor
— Paola - Paris, France
Peanut & Nestor

Peanut & Nestor

The unit has just arrived, been unwrapped and already our 2 took to the new addition like being drawn to a magnet. We are thrilled and delighted with the unit, the quality of the product is most impressive. Thank you so much for your wonderful creation!!
— Tom & Rhea - Bristol, UK
The Polecat and the Bobcat went down a storm with the cats! Bit scary watching them clamber over it but so far no accidents :)
— Pete - London, UK
Mr Wiggles

Mr Wiggles

All in all very impressed, excellent product and great customer service
— Andy - Hove, UK
Cat is loving her new acquisition and we’re dead chuffed with it. Definitely a talking point!
— Emma - Lymington, UK
I just wanted to say me (and the cats!) are really happy with the tower. It’s perfect and the quality is amazing, so so much better than anything they have had before.
Thanks again.
— Helen - Leeds, UK


The Fatcat 4 was delivered on Friday in perfect condition to my flat on the second floor, there was no damage. The installation yesterday was really easy, two of my five cats immediately dashed to the top, the others thoroughly surveyed it. They all will love it in a few days. I want to thank you for the perfect support service & hope I am able to produce a video of my cats using the Fatcat
— Gabriele - Wien, Austria
It’s a hit! Thank you!
— Kim - Finchampstead, UK
Buddy, Twist and Pippin

Buddy, Twist and Pippin

Ziggy sends his thanks for the Fat Pad — it’s been tested and approved as comfy. :)
— Margaret - London, UK