Cat Wall™

Cat Wall™ is our creature feature climbing wall - it’s contemporary in design & made up of hanging modular tiles with floating shelves.


Creature Feature Cat Climbing Wall

Cat Wall™ is made up of Full Tiles, Half Tiles & Shelves - Tiles are finished in either Natural or Bleached Coir & Shelves are painted in a matt black paint & suspended on stainless steel hangers.

Tiles can be installed in any combination or layout - they can be installed in single or multiple columns, offset horizontally & vertically or completely independently of each other.

Shelves can be positioned left, right or centred on the bottom of Tiles - positioning shelves centrally will encourage your cat to climb up the Tiles & staggering the shelves left & right will allow your cat to use them as a ladder to jump up & down the levels.

Cat Wall™ finished in Natural & Bleached Coir

Cat Wall™ finished in Natural & Bleached Coir


Full Tiles measure 808mm wide, 808mm high & 50mm deep

Half Tiles measure 808mm wide, 408mm high & 50mm deep

Shelves measure 400mm wide, 300mm deep & 18mm thick


Wall Scratcher

A single Full Tile makes a great Wall Scratcher that can be hung in any 90° rotation - it can also be fabricated in a bespoke finish including sisal, jute, seagrass or wool.



The install packs comes with fixings & bits - you will need a drill, medium size cross headed screwdriver, spirit level & steel tape measure to install your Cat Wall™ noting that if you don’t have a spirit level there is a work around using just a tape measure.

Please visit our Installation page for more information on installing your Cat Wall™.


Online Shop

You can purchase your Cat Wall™ from our online shop & orders are normally fulfilled with 15 working days - shipping is calculated at checkout & please get in touch if your country isn’t listed & we can provide a Delivery Quote.

Our products are made by hand in our London studio so we can produce bespoke & special orders - please get in touch if you would like to create something extra special.