Cat Wall™ Install

Tiles come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

1 Batten
4 Fixings
1 Small Drill Bit
1 Large Drill Bit

You will need a drill, medium size cross headed screwdriver, spirit level & steel tape measure to install your Cat Wall™ noting that if you don’t have a spirit level there is a work around using just a tape measure.

The fixing points on the batten are set out at 100mm centres & where possible it’s best to get a fixing through studs behind plasterboard, which are normally set out at 400mm or 600mm centres - you can also use the small bit to drill new fixing holes in the batten if you need to set out from the standard 100mm centres.

We recommend using 4 fixIngs when installing onto a plasterboard cavity wall & 2 fixings when installing onto studs or a masonry wall noting that you may need a specialist drill bit when drilling through a masonry wall.

Polecat Install 2

After you’ve set out & marked up the overall position of your Cat Wall™ start by installing the top baton

Cat Wall Install Set Out Tiles.png

Install the batten for the Tiles one-by-one below the top batten


If installing tiles adjacent to each other install the top batten first & work down from these

Polecat Install 3

Position top batten & drill a pilot hole using the small bit


Polecat Install 4

Then drill a fixing hole through in the pilot hole at least 55mm deep using the big bit & insert plug


Polecat Install 6

Fix batten, level out & drill pilot holes


Polecat Install 7

If you don’t have a spirit level to hand & your ceiling is true measure down using the tape measure to level out the batten


Cat Wall Install Second Fix Drill.png

Drill fixing holes, insert plugs & fix batten

Polecat Install 8

Set out the next batten using a hanging tape measure & drill pilot hole


Polecat Install 9

Drill fixing hole & insert plug

Polecat Install 11

Fix & level out batten then drill pilot holes


Cat Wall Install Fourth Fix Drill.png

Drill fixing holes, insert plugs & fix batten

Polecat Install 13

Repeat steps for additional Tiles


Cat Wall Install Shelf Hangers.png

Locate the shelf hanger into the holes on the back of the Tile in either left, centre or right position - make sure they are fully engaged into the holes & locked into position

Polecat Install 15

Start with the bottom Tile & work up

Cat Wall Install Shelf.png

Locate the shelf back edge first onto the sides of the hanger then work the font of the shelf over the front of the hanger to lock it into position.

Cat Wall Install Shelf Unassembly.png

The shelves lock on the the hanging frames tightly to keep things safe so the trick to un-assembling them is to remove the Tile from the wall & work each end of the shelf off the frame bit-by-bit