We do get frequently asked questions on specific points not already covered on our Product pages, Buying Guide & Customer Notes sections so have listed these below along with some more uncommon ones.


Will Our Cat Climb?

Yes, based on our experience & customer feedback your cat will climb - we've only ever heard of a couple of instances where cats didn't want to climb.

A simple way of testing your cat's climbing instinct is to roll up a rug, hold it upright & see if your cat takes off. 

How long can we expect our Hicat® to last?

You'll get years of use from your Hicat® ignoring the usual wear & tear - we've been making Hicat® units since 2008 & we've only ever had praise from our customers regarding our workmanship & longevity of our products.

It’s worth reading the customer reviews on our Google business page as some of these customers have noted 4, 6, 8 & even 10 years of daily use & their units are still going strong.

Do Hicat® units shed fibres?

The Twist Pile finish is a cut pile so this doesn't shed material however, the coir will shed fibres when scratched & climbed so regularly vacuuming the unit inside & out will make sure that this debris never become an irritation to your cat.

How durable is the bespoke Wool?

Climbing & playing will show up on these units over time & being wool this material will also become felted if your cat gets their claws in to it & uses it as their daily scratcher.

If you want to prolong the look of your wool unit we always advise having alternative scratching options available adjacent to your Hicat® to try & wean your cat's scratching attention away from it - we actually suggest doing this for all of our units to help maximise the lifespan of our products.

How do cats get down from the top of a Hicat®?

Most cats will generally want to climb down head first then jump to the floor so please bear this in mind when specifying Access Hole Compartments above head height.

Our cats climb down by reversing out of the upper Access Hole Compartments or twisting out head first then lowering themselves down - they also use the climb-through compartments to climb down inside the unit, either head first or by reversing down bottom first.

Can I hang multiple Cat's Cradles from my Polecat?

Yes, you can but just be sensible & check the stability of the your from time-to-time as ceiling connectors could become loose under the additional weight & boisterous play. 

Is it easy to make a mistake when measuring up for a floor-to-ceiling Hicat®?

Of course mistakes can happen when measuring up but thankfully these are very rare - our units are made-to-measure, which means we can’t accept returns so take care & always refer to our Measuring Up notes section for guidance before ordering.

Our Hicat® doesn’t fit any more?

From time-to-time we do hear from customers that have changed their floor covering or carpet &/or floorboards have compressed over time & their unit doesn’t fit anymore - please get in touch & we will be happy to send out alternative feet &/or connectors so it won’t be long before your cats are climbing again.

Are the finishes on the website accurate in terms of colour & material?

We've done our best to give a fair representation of the finishes on the website but because of variations ion production you won't be looking at an exact product match in terms of colour & finish - weave irregularities, knots & colour variation are common place for natural materials & on top of this you will also have variations in colour depending on browser & device settings.

We are happy to send out samples but please bear in mind that supplies may also vary slightly in terms of colour & finish as noted above so please don't expect a perfect match between sample & finished article.

Will our cat fit through Access Hole Compartments?

Access Holes & Climb-Through apertures are 180mm in diameter - we've not met a cat yet that can't pass through this size hole but if you want to double check cut out a 180mm hole in a piece of cardboard & see if your cat fits through the hole without getting stuck. 

What makes the coir used on Hicat® products easy to climb?

We tested lots of different finishes when we started Hicat® & found that the coir boucle that we use is the best for climbing as it has a ribbed weave forming horizontal loops - this means that your cat's claws can easily grip & retract when climbing compared to other coir & sisal finishes.

Why can’t Access Hole Compartments be specified more than 800mm high internally?

This is simply so your cat is never out of reach - having these enclosures taller than 800mm means that there will be a dead space at the top of the compartment that your cat can climb into & we’ve always recommended against this for obvious reasons.

Will our cat have more fun on one Hicat® unit than another?

We can't honestly say which unit will best suit your cat but on paper the more variety in terms lounging, sleeping, climbing & play the better - that said, customers who put in a bit of playtime with their cat on a Polecat have lots of fun too as our Thumbs-Up page shows.

We would also suggest reading through our Buying Guide section as well as there are lots of helpful notes on specifying & choosing the right Hicat® for you & your cat.

If we buy a Hicat® will we need to clip our cat's claws before they can use it?

Not as far as we're concerned - we've never clipped our cats' claws & they've never become snagged on their Hicat® when climbing.

NB after 10 years of making our units we have heard from one customer who reported that her cat was struggling to climb their unit & ended up donating the Polecat to charity - the customer reported that her cat was snagging her paws on other materials prior to receiving her Hicat so would suggest that if you cat does have known issues with retracting their claws they may have difficulty climbing our units.

Why aren't some of the finishes shown in the Gallery photos available to order?

Unfortunately, we are reliant on our suppliers for our finishes stock so some finishes do becomes obsolete - the Gallery shows some of our older units in these discontinued finishes.

Are the bespoke End Cap options just aesthetic?

Yes,  Acrylic End Caps are purely cosmetic - the standard Wrapped End detail gives the unit a softer more natural look whilst the bespoke End Cap option gives our units a sharper architectural feel.

How does the ceiling measurement get used during fabrication?

Floor-to-ceiling units need to have some ceiling clearance when they are installed so we reduce your measurement by 35-40mm depending on the unit type, which means that after the Hicat® is installed there will be small gaps at the top & bottom of the unit.

Can Hicat® units be re-used if we move home?

Because our floor-to-ceiling units are made-to-measure it's unlikely that you will be able to re-use your Hicat® unless the ceiling heights are within a centimetre or so of each other, however, just like other types of bespoke or built-in items you may have the option of adapting your unit to make it shorter (Access Hole positions permitting) or adding an extension piece or longer ceiling connector &/or feet to make it taller.

We have a DIY Hicat® Adaptation page to help guide budding DIY enthusiasts on making an alteration to their Hicat® but can also provide a price for adapting units at our studio so please get in touch.

If you are thinking about moving home in the near future a Wall Mounted Hicat® could be the thing for you or even one of our Freestanding Fatcats.

Do you make an outdoor Hicat®?

Not at the moment but we are keeping our eyes open for suitable materials that are weather-proof so that we can offer this option - the main problem is finding something that is waterproof but easy to climb like coir.

Is it safe to install a Hicat® if we have a plasterboard ceiling?

Yes, the ceiling hole used to lock our floor-to-ceiling units into position just acts as a locating point & doesn't take any of the unit's weight - virtually all of our customers' homes have this type of ceiling but if you happen to live in a period property with a lath-and-plaster ceiling or an apartment with a concrete ceiling that you can't drill into we do have installation options so please get in touch.

Is there an alternative to drilling holes in the ceiling when installing a floor-to-ceiling Hicat®?

Yes, Fatcat can be installed using a bespoke ceiling clamping kit or spacer as an alternative to the standard install kit or you can use a Wall Mounting Kit to install the floor-to-ceiling unit as an alternative to drilling into the ceiling.

Polecat & Tomcat have a smaller footprint than Fatcat so we don't offer this option for these units however, we do have customers that have fixed a mounting disc to the ceiling using a Velcro® fastener as an alternative to drilling but believe that a mechanical fixing into a bush is the safest way to install our floor-to-ceiling units.

Our Hicat® wobbles when our cats play on it?

After some use you may find that there is some movement in your Hicat® between it & the ceiling - this is usually because the bush has become loose or even free of the plasterboard hole in the ceiling.

If the bush can’t be re-fixed with a touch of glue & or you don’t want to re-install the unit into new ceiling holes then please get in touch & we will be happy to send out a Ceiling Mounting Disc that can be retro fitted over the existing ceiling hole/s to stop this from happening.

If you have an older unit that had rubber caps over the ceiling connectors & these have become worn or the plasterboard holes have opened up again please get in touch & we can provide spare rubber caps or send out a Ceiling Mounting Disc.

Our Polecat moves when our cats play on it?

If you’re struggling to level out your Polecat & you’ve tried the foam pads but this hasn’t stopped the unwanted movement then please get in touch & we can send out a pair of Velcro® coins to stick under the feet - with these in place your unit isn’t going anywhere.

What happens if we can't get our an accurate ceiling measurement?

If you've tried to take a measurement & are still struggling after reading the instructions contained in the Measuring Up section in our Customer Notes we can send out a laser tape measure for you to use as long as this is returned to us using a tracked post or courier service.

Is it possible to specify units with our own covering?

Yes, this is a bespoke option subject to making sure that your material can be used in our fabrication process - obviously we can't test your material's suitability for cat climbing, durability, & wear & tear so you will need to be happy that your chosen finish is up to the job.

How strong are Hicat® units?

Our units have been tested to loads in excess of 100kg so we can say they are very strong, especially when compared to other products on the market.

What is the core material used in Hicat® units?

We use laminated cores made from recycled spiral bound fibre board (cardboard tubes to you & me) for the construction of our units - these are the same tubes that are used on building sites to form concrete columns so after we've bonded our latex backed coir to this it makes for an incredibly solid structure.

Why can't we specify the Twist Pile internal finish on the outside of a unit?

Twist Pile carpet does not have a boucle weave like our coir finishes so it's not as easy to climb but does offer a softer & plush interior finish more suited for sleeping & lounging.

What's the maximum height floor-to-ceiling units can be made to?

Because of the carpet widths available 4.8m is about as tall as we can go without having to add in seams or joins on the units - that said we always offer a word of caution to customers thinking about ordering extra tall units as climbing basically becomes an extreme sport so can be daunting for some cats (& humans). 

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Sorry, we don't. However, we do offer discounts to returning customers & individuals working within animal welfare associations or practices so please get in touch before placing your order.

Are there any other UK Mainland delivery options in addition to those listed?

Yes, there are a number of options including weekday deliveries before 9AM, Saturday deliveries & also assisted deliveries as well as customer collections from our studio - we can advise on a specific supplement price before placing an order so please get in touch if you have a request.

Can we recover our Hicat® if it becomes badly worn?

We bond the external coir to the body so once it's fixed it can't be cut out - we can sometimes patch in worn areas but matching the coir finish will present problems & the collection/redelivery cost can be off putting if you're working to a budget.

Can we repair wear & tear around access holes & seams?

Over time the weave around Access Holes, Peep Holes & seams can fray - this can be fixed by cutting away loose yarn then dabbing fibres on to glue around the affected areas.

Please get in touch & we will be happy to send out a some fibres for you to carry out this repair.

Are your able to rotate units after they've been installed?

Yes, because these units have a single point ceiling fixing they can be rotated 360° direction.

Can Access Holes on Tomcat & Fatcat units be specified at different rotations around the unit?

No, because of the way we fabricate our units the Access Holes need to be facing in the same direction on the unit, one above the other, but we can change the vertical position of the Access Holes as a bespoke option.

If having Access Holes facing in different directions is a must then you may want to consider a two-piece bespoke unit or a Catapilla™ unit.

Can we stack our Catapilla™ more than four units high?

Yes but we strongly advise against it as the product has been specifically designed around a maximum of four assembled units & exceeding this may lead to the unit toppling or breaking.

Can Cat Wall™ be installed on any wall?

Yes, as long as the wall is sound the Tiles come with special plugs & fixings that can be used on a plasterboard, masonry or timber walls.

Can I replace just the sisal rope parts of my Scraaatch unit?

Yes, all of our designs have separate removal sisal rope elements that can be replaced if they become worn - please visit our Scraaatch® shop for replacement parts.

Is sisal rope the best material for scratching?

Some manufactures will claim that their sisal carpet, cardboard or wood scratchers are liked best by cats but this is obviously down to feline preference - sisal rope seems to be the most common type of material for scratchers & normally tops the polls as far as cats are concerned.

Do Hicat® units contain any materials or substances that could be harmful to cats?

No, we don't use any harmful materials in the fabrication process - the glue used during assembly is solvent free, non-toxic & we do not use carpet that has been chemically treated with stain guard protection, which means there will be no danger to you, your family or your pets.

Does the coir used on your units smell?

There is a slight natural odour from the coconut husks used to make the coir, which is normal for this type of carpet & because our units are fully wrapped when despatched they can sweat in transit causing the unit to smell but this will wear off over time once the Hicat® has had time to air.

Can our cats try out a Hicat® before we make a purchase?

You & your cats are welcome to visit us at our studio so your cat can test our units but as noted at the beginning of these FAQs, if you are trying to work out if your cat will climb our units a simple test is to roll up a rug if you have one & hold it upright to see if you cat runs up it - that's what some of our customers have tried in the past before making a purchase.

Why are your products not available to purchase online via Amazon & other stores?

We have looked at selling our products through online retail stores in addition to our website but because our units are bespoke & made-to-measure the ordering process isn't easy to adapt for these types of shopping cart websites plus the margins that these retailers work to are commercially unworkable as far as we are concerned.  

We would really like to make our own Hicat® so would you be able to give us some tips?

We can go one step better than that as we've actually produced a detailed guide on our DIY Polecat page & also put together a DIY Kit of parts that can be purchased to make the fabrication process as easy as possible - we have also been asked for tips on making versions of our Tomcat & Fatcat units as well but the fabrication process is very complex compared to the Polecat & requires some specific skill sets along with specialist tools so even if we knew where to start in terms of a DIY guide for these units we would still not advise taking this on unless you were an expert DIY'er or maker by trade.

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