Bye Bye Facebook...

We're sorry to say that we will be closing our Facebook account shortly because of some inexplicable policy enforcement rules.

Facebook recently applied restrictions to our account because of negative feedback - we contacted them to ask what content had caused offence but all they had to say was that they were unable to take further action regarding this matter and our Hicat account would remain restricted adding that this decision is final & they would not correspond any more with us - we have no idea what they are talking about but we have asked several companies who sell cat trees online to remove photos of our products & cats from their Facebook pages & suspect that one of these are responible for the complaints against us!

We think this behaviour is bizarre but it's not the end of the world as you can still keep up to date with Hicat® by following our CHAT blog (RSS link below) or sign up to our newsletter.

Thanks to everyone that liked us & followed us on Facebook - our Instagram, Google+ & Pinterest pages all still active & remain unaffected.