Catapilla™ Donation Update...

Just to keep everyone up to date with the nominations for the Catapilla unit we have up for grabs the nominations so far are:

Animals In Need (Northamptonshire)
Best Friends Society
Catcuddles Sanctuary
Cats Protection (Crawley)
Cats Protection (Exeter)
Cats Protection (National Centre)
Celia Hammond Animal Trust (Lewisham)
Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
Freshfields Welsh Centre
Heavens Gate
Kittiekind Meow Parlour
Kitty In The City
Last Chance (Kent)
Little Haven Rescue
Lothian Cat Rescue
Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue
RSPCA (Southall)
Sunshine Cat Rescue
Woodside (Plymouth)

We are planning to make a draw next month so if you would like to make a nomination please get in touch.