Measuring Up

Measuring up is simple once you've decided on where to position your unit & we recommend that you refer to our Buying Guide section for some guidance on the best spot for your Hicat®.


Proposed Position

Once you've settled on the position for your Hicat® take the measurement at that spot as ceiling heights aren't always consistent across a single room - if you think you may want to change the position of your Hicat® over time then use the lowest ceiling height measurement in the room. 

Measuring Technique

Using a steel retractable type tape measure, place the body of the tape measure on the floor & extend the tape to the ceiling making sure that you keep a vertical line when taking the measurement & add the size of the tape measure body to the dimension taken - the body dimension to add will normally be noted on the side of the tape measure for reference.

Ceiling Height Measurement

Take a few floor-to-ceiling measurements in the spot you've chosen & use the smallest one as your ceiling height as this is likely to be the most accurate.

Laser Tape Measure

Using a laser tap measure is the best way to get the ceiling measurement spot on so it’s worth asking around family & friends to see if there’s one you can borrow - they can also be purchased on line starting at around £10 & even if you only use it once you will still have laser pointer toy for your cat to chase.

Carpeted Floors

To help get a more accurate measurement make sure that you press the body of the tape measure into the pile of the carpet as much as you can whilst taking the measurement - this will allow for the fact that the carpet will compress under the weight of the Hicat® when installed.

Built-up Floors & Extra Thick Underlay

Really thick underlay can compress down over time & floors built up with boards or old floor boards can also give under the weight of our units so if you feel movement in the floor when measuring it's best to have someone stand in the proposed position of the Hicat® when taking the measurement to get a more representative reading.

Production Tolerances

Your supplied ceiling measurement needs to be accurate to within half a centimetre i.e. 5mm then we build in a height reduction to our floor-to-ceiling units, which allows for ceiling clearance during installation.

Access Arrangements

While you've got your tape measure to hand check your access making sure that you have enough height & turning space to manoeuvre your Hicat® into its proposed location in your home - please remember that Hicat® units are made-to-measure so we cannot accept any customer returns due to incorrect measuring or that are simply too big to get into your home.