Polecat Wall Fixing Kit Install

Units come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

1 Foot
2 Connecting Pins
2 Foam Pads (plus spare)
1 Fixing Block
2 Fixing Screws
2 Fixing Plugs
1 Drill Bit

It’s easier if you have an extra pair of hands to install your Hicat® & you'll need a step ladder, medium size cross headed screwdriver, tape measure, pencil & a drill - if you have a stud/joist sensor this will also be useful & if fixing into masonry you may need a specialist drill bit



1  Install the two connecting pins into the two outer inserts on top of the Hicat® & the foot into the middle insert on the base - if you are installing the unit on a smooth hard floor stick the foam pad on to the foot


2  Remove cat



3  Use the connecting pins to attach the fixing block on to the top of the Hicat® - make sure you push the connecting pins into the block until they click into position noting that the seam should be at the back of the unit when installed



4  The supplied Fixing Plugs are universal & suitable for fixing into plasterboard, timber or masonry - installing into plasterboard will give a secure fixing & you can also secure through plasterboard into a stud or joist



5  Remove cat



6  Move the Hicat® into its proposed position making sure the foot on the unit has been adjusted to its installed height - a 20mm space at the bottom of the Hicat® is recommended



7  Mark-up along the top edge of the fixing block then unscrew the fixing plate & use this as a guide to mark-up the fixing holes on the wall



8  Drill the fixing holes making sure they are at least 60mm deep into the wall & then install the fixing plugs into the holes



9  Screw the fixing plate on to the wall with the fixing block face-up then re-attach the fixing block to the mounting plate with the Hicat® attached



10  Remove cat



11  Make sure the Hicat® is plumb & that the fixing block, fixing plate & connectors are all secure before allowing your cat to play on the unit



12  Give your Hicat® a good vacuum to remove any loose fibres & once in use check from time to time that the fixing block is secure, the connectors are engaged & the unit is stable - you may also need to adjust the foot slightly to level out the Hicat® over time



13  f the base of your Hicat® moves on hard flooring during boisterous play remove the foam pad from the foot & fix the spare foam pad to the floor directly under the foot



14  Playtime