Polecat Install

Units come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

1 Adjustable Foot
1 Foam Pad (plus spare)
2 Ceiling Connectors
2 Ceiling Bushes
1 Drill Bit

You may need an extra pair of hands to install your Hicat® plus a step ladder, tape measure, pencil & a drill that can hold an 11mm bit

After unpacking the Hicat® give the unit a good vacuum to remove any loose fibres


 Polecat Install 1

Install the two connectors into the two outer inserts at one end of the Hicat® & the foot in to the middle insert at the other - if you are installing the unit on a smooth hard floor stick a foam pad on to the foot


 Polecat Install 2

When thinking about where to position your Hicat® remember that there is a seam, which is best rotated to the back of the Hicat® once installed - the connectors are set out at a 90° axis to this seam so please bear this in mind when deciding on the position of your Hicat®


 Polecat Install 3

Next mark-up two holes on the ceiling at 80mm centres - a tip for marking up the ceiling holes is to mark-up the 80mm centres on a strip of masking tape & then stick this to the ceiling

 Polecat Install 4

Drill two holes at the centre marks at least 20mm deep using the drill bit & insert the bushes into the ceiling - adding a dab of glue to the bushes before you insert them will also help keep them in place over time


 Polecat Install 5

Remove cat


 Polecat Install 6

With the seam facing away from you & keeping the Hicat® as vertical as possible lift the unit & locate the connectors into the bushes - it may be helpful to have someone on a step ladder to guide the Hicat® into position while you manoeuvre it


 Polecat Install 7

Remove cat


 Polecat Install 8

After the Hicat® is installed the connectors should extend into the bushes by at least 10mm - as a visual check the gap between the top of the Hicat® & ceiling should be 20mm or less after installation


 Polecat Install 9

Remove cat


 Polecat Install 10

If the gap between the ceiling & Hicat® is more than 20mm raise the unit by turning the foot
clockwise - this can be done while the unit is installed by carefully lifting the Hicat® then adjusting the foot


 Polecat Install 11

Make sure the Hicat® is plumb & that the connectors & foot are secure before allowing  your cat to play on the unit


 Polecat Install 12

Remove cat


 Polecat Install 13

Remember to give your unit a quick check over from time to time to make sure that the connectors are correctly engaged, the foot is secure & the unit is stable


 Polecat Install 14

If the base of your Hicat® moves on hard flooring during boisterous play remove the foam pad from the foot & fix the spare foam pad to the floor directly under the foot


 Polecat Install 15