Tomcat & Fatcat Wall Fixing Kit Install

Units come complete with an installation pack that contains the following:

3 Feet
3 Foam Pads (plus spare)
1 Fixing Block
2 Fixing Screws
2 Fixing Plugs
1 Connecting Knob
1 Washer
1 Drill Bit
1 Hex Key

Installing your Hicat® will be easier if you have an extra pair of hands & you'll need a step ladder, medium size cross headed screwdriver, tape measure, pencil & a drill - if you have a stud/joist sensor this will also be useful & if fixing into masonry you may need a specialist drill bit



1  Install the feet into the three outer inserts on the base of the Hicat® - if you are installing the unit on a smooth hard floor stick the foam pads to the feet



2  Install the Wall Fixing Kit to the wall towards the top of the Hicat® making sure you've avoided obstructions & that when installed the internal shelves & features of the unit don't interfere with the Wall Fixing Kit

NB also remember that if you are fitting a Hicatch toy that you will need to factor this in to the positioning of the Wall Fixing Kit



3  The supplied Fixing Plugs are universal & suitable for fixing into plasterboard, timber or masonry - installing into plasterboard will give a secure fixing & you can also secure through plasterboard into a stud or joist



4  Remove cat



5  Remember your Hicat® can be rotated & fixed with the Access Holes facing in any direction - when you’ve decided on the rotation & position for your Hicat® use the hex key to adjust the feet to plumb the unit making sure there is a gap between its base & the floor of at least 20mm



6  Hold the fixing block in its installed position & mark-up along the top edge of the fixing block then unscrew the fixing bracket & use this as a guide to mark-up the fixing holes on the wall



7  Drill the fixing holes making sure they are at least 60mm deep into the wall & then install the fixing plugs into the holes



8  Screw the fixing plate on to the wall with the fixing block face-up then re-attach the fixing block to the fixing plate



9  Remove cat



10  Next mark-up & fix the Hicat® to the fixing block by drilling a hole in the unit where the fixing block will attach - mark the height of the fixing block connecting hole on the Hicat® then use the drill bit to make a hole throught the unit



11  Install the connecting knob from inside the Hicat® making sure that the washer is fitted between the knob & the inside surface of the unit - you may need to level out the Hicat® again using the hex key checking that all three feet are all in contact with the floor so the weight is evenly spread between the feet



12  Remove cat



13  Give your Hicat® a good vacuum inside & out to remove any loose fibres & give the unit a quick check over from time to time to make sure that the fixing block is secure, the feet are level & the unit is stable



14  Playtime