Alaska Update...

We are nearly back up & running in our new studio at the Alaska Buildings so things should be back to normal next week - we've already updated the Hicat® website with various tweaks along with re-opening the Scraaaatch™ & Catapilla™ online shops, which now offer shipping for our EU customers.

We've also launched an online shop for our UK & EU customers to purchase a standard Hicat® - it's not quite the finished article in terms of having a product configurator that visualises your order but does serve to take customers through the various options & features that our standard units can be customised with.

If you're outside of the EU or would like a bespoke Hicat® then please use the order form on each of the product pages & remember that when you make a purchase either from the shop or order form you can make use of our advanced order promotion that we are currently trialling - we are offering a 20% discount off the unit price if you don't mind waiting up to 12 weeks for your Hicat®. 

We are really looking forward to rolling our sleeves up & getting back to making rather than packing & unpacking.