DIY Polecat Kits...

We have a selection of coir off cuts & a couple of tubes available if anyone fancies rolling their sleeves up & making a climber for their cat - there are assorted Bleached, Natural & Slate Coir cuts wide enough to wrap the supplied 115mm diameter tubes.

The coir cuts are only up to 1500mm long in length so unless you are working to hobbit height ceilings there will be a join , which you could hide with a Hicatch toy - that’s what we suggest for customers who purchase two piece units & don’t want to see the join.

Please get in touch if you would like these pieces noting that we won’t be able to arrange delivery so they will need to be collected from our SE1 London studio.


UPDATE - Liz from London has nabbed this these bits & will be sending us some photos of her DIY project as it takes shape.