Slate (AKA Grey Coir)...

Our new grey coir has arrived & we have made our first orders finished in this new colour, which look smart - the units made up really well & the carpet has a slight elasticity to it similar to the dark brown Bark Coir finish that used to be available on our units.

Pebble Grey Coir

Despite our best intentions the colour matching of the production run in India is slightly different from the samples that we tested - we were aiming for a neutral grey close to the original Concrete Coir that we imported in 2010 but the stock that's arrived has a earthy look to it because of subtle green/blue/brown tones in the yarn.

Just to differentiate between old & new we are going to name the new finish Slate Coir.

The other thing to note if you are considering this new finish is that because it's been newly imported the coconut husk odour (similar to a Christmas tree) is more apparent at the moment than the coir stock we buy from our UK suppliers.

ProductHicat®slate coir