Soft Seat Seconds...

Our Soft Seat Cat’s Cradle has gone through lots of testing over the last year & as a result we’ve have ended up with some seconds that are up for grabs - we have a couple of black felt seats in near perfect nick & an imitation leather seat that is a long way short of being the finished article aesthetically but will still do its intended job.

There’s also a grey felt soft seat that is too big for our standard Cat’s Cradle frame but this could be trimmed to fit a standard frame - the flaps on the underside of the seat need to be cut down at the front meaning there will be an overhanging edge but the seat should still work OK.

If you are an existing customer & would like to try out one of these Soft Seats on your Cat’s Cradle then please get in touch & we can put your name in our next up for grabs draw.