Website & Product Update...

Our Scraaatch™, Catapilla™ & Cat Wall™ online content has now moved across onto our Hicat® website so getting to know our complete range of products will be more straight forward for new customers - hopefully getting around the website should be a little easier for existing customers as well.

Whilst consolidating things we’ve also made a few product & pricing tweaks:

Customers now have the option of creating an account at checkout, which will entitle them to a 5% discount on future purchases - if you are a returning customer who hasn’t signed up for an account but would like to make use of this offer please get in touch before making a purchase & we can advise on a discount code.

The Advanced Order Discount is now 5% for customers happy to wait up to 10 weeks for their order - we still offer a discount to customers who work within an animal welfare organisation charity.

Scraaatch™ Wall Pipe & Stand Pipe are not available to purchase at the moment - this is because we are looking at a redesign of the wall mount bracket to see if we can create a sleeker version that has the same overall appearance as our standard Pipe.

Bespoke wool finishes now range in price between 5%-30% depending on whether we can source a remnant or have to purchase new supplies from Crucial Trading.

Polecat now comes with two feet as standard - we conducted testing recently & the two foot assembly is the most stable setup to date & has allowed us to go down to a single fixing ceiling hole for the installation, which not only simplifies the install but also means that the unit can be rotated freely now rather than be locked into a two ceiling point connection - the DIY Polecat Kit has also been updated to reflect these changes & subsequently gone down in price & now also includes delivery to the UK.

European delivery options have been removed from the Online Shop for the time being until we are clear on the impact of the changes in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU & the subsequent changes in courier & export arrangements - in the meantime customers are more than welcome to get in touch & we can advise on delivery to non-UK destinations.

Finally, we’ve been through the smallest re-brand in history - it’s not been driven by customer feedback surveys or social media research we simply updated our font & the result is a happier & cheekier looking smiley cat.