Extra Fat Fatcat For The Big Screen...

We've recently finished a very special Hicat® for a customer in New York - the piece was a custom design to mount over an extendable projection screen unit.

The Fatcat 1 was 480mm in diameter with a single Access Hole compartment & Worm Hole Double Deep Bird Nest sitting above the screen housing - it was fabricated with internal collars & turn table that allows the Fatcat to rotate exposing the pull-out screen to the side, which is extended through a vertical channel.

Bespike Cinema Fatcat 
Bespoke Fatcat 3
Bespoke Fatcat 2
Bespoke Fatcat 4

The thinking caps were on 24 hours a day to get the internal mechanisms & construction details sorted on this one but the result was worth it - the finished article went down extremely well with our customer & his cats "LOVE" it.