Product Updates & Refinements...

It's taken us 8 years to get our products where we want them to be & the last set of product improvements included larger tilting feet, oversized inserts in the base & top end caps along with some changes in fabrication techniques that give us the best results in forming & finishing our Hicat® units.   

The Wall Fixing Kit also went through a complete redesign last year & the new single piece block with aluminium bracket puts the original four part kit to shame to be honest - if you have one of the original four part kits (not the two part that came after it) & would like to upgrade please drop us a note & we will be happy to replace the original kit free of charge.

Wall Fixing Kit

The only other update on the table at the moment is the use of a ceiling fixing disc as an option to just pre-drilling the ceiling to take the ceiling connector - this has come about because a few customers have experienced some wear around the fixing hole causing the hole to open up, particularly on Polecat units.

Ceiling Fixing Disc

Again, if you have a unit, that's working itself loose drop us a line & we can send out one of the discs for you to retro fit - it will be sent out with all of the necessary plugs & tools necessary to install it.