Two Tomcat 4 Units Up For Grabs....

We have two Tomcat 4 units that have been sitting in the workshop for what seems to be forever, one of which is the unit that we used in our photo shoot for our home page website images.

Tomcat 4's Up For Grabs

They've been gathering dust for years & although they have faded they are basically in new condition so would be put to much better use if cats were climbing them.

The taller Tomcat 4 would fit a 2800mm high ceiling & the shorter Tomcat 4 for a 2700mm high ceiling - they have the old style coir internals as opposed to black twist pile & do need a good vacuum before use.

Both are up for grabs so please get in touch if you would like to be considered for either of these units - as always our aim would be to donate to a charity or rehoming centre but if there aren't any takers then we'll do a draw next month for those that have shown an interest.

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