Special Grey Coir...

Some of you will remember our special grey Concrete Coir finish that we imported a few years ago - this finish went down really well with our customers & we've been on the look out for a replacement ever since.

Rudy, Leroy, Tuco & Bello on Fatcat 4

Our special grey Tibet Wolf Wool filled the gap for while but since stock was used up last year we've felt that something was missing from our range in terms of a grey colour so recently commissioned various grey coir samples from India that we've been testing.

Once we've settled on our favourite grey we intend to import this coir ourselves in a limited run as we can't source this type of carpet from the UK.

The special finish option will be similar in colour to the Concrete Coir but batch dyed as opposed to pigment painted so the previous issues with unfinished fibres showing through will be a thing of the past.  

Stock should be with us within a couple of months so if you're about to place an order & like the idea of the new Grey Coir you might want to hold off making a purchase for the time being.

We still have stock of the special Tibet Wild Cat Wool, which is a darker brown-grey version of the Tibet Wolf Wool & of course we are always happy to source other materials as a special order.

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