2019 Product & Pricing Update...

We’ve been busy revamping our Hicat® website over the Christmas break - pricing & information has been updated along with the Buying Guide to reflect the very bespoke nature of our products.

Here are some of the product highlights & changes…

Access Hole Compartments can now be specified in number & position as part of the ordering process & Bobcat can now be specified as a storage unit - for those who want to customise Access Hole Compartments even further there are lots of bespoke options.

We’ve decided to try to make the website more user friendly by simplifying some of the features & options - along with the Access Hole Compartment changes other features have been renamed to be more descriptive.

We’ve added product order pages for Wall Mounted & Freestanding products - these types of unit are becoming very popular so we thought they deserved dedicated pages because of the variation in specification to our floor-to-ceiling climbers.

Customers now have the option of creating an account at checkout - this is very useful for returning customers buying spares & accessories.

The Install pages have been updated to reflect the recent product enhancements with feet - floor-to-ceiling install packs now come with a handy glue sachet for installing ceiling grommets.

Our Thingy & Stick Thingy toys are now available for purchase online - you are still more than welcome to send in a self addressed stamped envelope for your free Thingys but the Stick Thingy has to be sent as a medium size parcel because of its size so needs to be ordered online.

Made-to measure units can now only be ordered using the order forms on the product pages & have been removed from the online shop because of the increased bespoke options - Stock & Accessory items are still available to order online & haven’t increased in price but shipping & handling will now be charged separately on these purchases.

We still have a bit to do in terms of updating photos, which we are working on & we haven’t forgotten about a product configurator - these would obviously be an excellent feature to have as part of the ordering process but the bespoke configuration is making it very difficult to find the right software solution so I’m afraid our order diagrams are the best we can do for the moment.