Cat Wall™ Product Study...

With floor space being at a premium in most homes we've decided to start a product study looking at a wall based climbing system for cats - our initial design idea is a modular tile system with integrated hanging shelves & we've named it, not surprisingly, Cat Wall™.

Our Cat Wall™ design has been visualised into a room setting along with some of our other products to get a feel for how they would work together - although this climbing system is aimed at cat owners with limited floor space we think it will also appeal to customers who have homes large enough to create a dedicated cat room. 

Painted Base

With our 10 year anniversary & CatCon coming up we are expecting to be very busy over the next few months but will do our best to have something ready for testing in September, hopefully.

If you like the look of our initial design & would like to enquire about this or other bespoke designs then please get in touch.