Hicat® US Update...

After attending CatCon & meeting lots of long time followers of our products along with potential customers & after listening to what they had to say we’ve decided to set up a Hicat® US website.

It’s going to be a scaled down version of our UK Hicat® website that serves as an online store for US customers offering a couple of our most popular products as displayed on our stand at the CatCon event.

As well as being built around Imperial measurements & Dollar currency the additional delivery, import duties & tax supplements to our UK price list will all be included in the pricing so prospective customers will be one click away from getting their hands on a Hicat®.

Hicat US.JPG

Our Hicat US website will be up & running in October but feel free to get in touch anytime if you want to enquire about a bespoke unit or any of our other product offering.

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