Product & Pricing Updates...

There are a few changes in the pipeline for 2019 including a price review across our made-to-measure products - we’ve been in business now for 10 years & are making these changes to our floor-to-ceiling units so we can hopefully be around for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

Polecat units will be increasing very slightly in price but Tomcat & Fatcat units will be increasing in price significantly - this is partly down to changes in production cost & courier charges but also to price our bespoke products against the marketplace in terms of value for money.

The increases to Tomcat & Fatcat will include bespoke features & options not currently included within the base pricing - Access Holes will now include a Full Shelf as standard & the position of these features can be fully customised at no extra cost.

If you are thinking about making a purchase then now would be a good time to place an order to take advantage of our current pricing structure or purchase a stock item.

As part of our Cat Wall™ prototyping we’ve reviewed some of our fabrication processes & will stop spraying large parts such as shelves, bases, panels etc. - this is down to environmental considerations & because our studio isn’t set up to handle this type of finishing process efficiently.

To work around this it’s likely that Cat Wall™ shelves & our Cat’s Cradle will change to a soft seat as standard as opposed to a painted MDF shelf - smaller component parts such as Scraaatch™ end caps will continue to be sprayed given that they have a much smaller impact on the environment.

Just to remind those customers with Bobcat units we’ve updated the foot configuration so if you would like to upgrade your unit please get in touch.

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