V For...

Valentino (the cat) proudly showing off his new high rise installation lovingly created by Jennifer from Bowling Green in the US - the scheme is made up of a Wall Mounted Fatcat paired with a Polecat & Cat’s Cradle, a set of Wall Mounted Shelves along with room features & a porthole thrown into the mix for good measure combine to make a playground full of fun & elan.

Wall Mounted Fatcat 4 & Bobcat Storage finished in Tibet Wild Cat Wool with Black Twist Pile internals

The Fatcat & Polecat units are finished in Slate Coir & the Wall Shelves in a rubberised paint, similar to the type of paint that is used to wrap cars - the Cat’s Cradle is also special as it’s one of the leather versions that was produced to test the prototype product in 2016.